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I know I'm off subject but...........

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My brotherinlaw wants me to sell him a slug gun since I can't hunt anymore, so he can get wild hogs. He is just across the line in Florida and said with a permit you can hunt them anytime of the year. However everywhere he's gone has no shooting signs posted. Do any of you fellows know if you can take these wild hogs with a gun or is it bows only.
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That is a hard question to answer. I'd have to say the answer is, "It depends". The regulations for harvesting wild/feral swine vary greatly depending whether or not he wants to hunt in AL or FL, whether it's state public land, National Forest, US Army COE land, private land and so on. Since this is the AL forum I assume you're speaking about our state. The best advice I can offer is to look at the AL Game and Fish site(AL Outdoors). I know sometimes the regulations are not always "entirely clear" on the website so you can also call the local game official or wildlife biologist for that region/district and they can clear up anything that might be confusing. I'm not familiar with the guys in S. Bama but up here in the north the state guys are very helpful with info especially the wildlife biologists. The state guys might also give him some landowners that have hog problems and are looking for someone to help decrease the population. As far as places being posted as no hunting/shooting, I'd be willing to bet that if there are hogs on those properties then the landowners or those leasing the land would be more than happy to have someone remove as many as possible due to the huge destructive capacity of wild hogs. I'd suggest finding out what the state regulations are, finding out who owns the land and then asking permission to hunt. Almost any deer or turkey hunter would love to remove all hogs from their property. I guess that's not very specific advice but it's probably you're best option.
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