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    I got a chance today to be with an older retired lady who just loves to hunt,fish and camp. I told her about my Brothers and Sisters on the BOC and invited her to join. She took down Brotherhood of Catfishermen as the web site. I thought that was the correct site if not please correct me. I have her email address so is there anything I can do to help her join. She is a wonderful lady and just loves to help others. She has fished for catfish but admits her favorite is bass and trout fishing. I feel she would be a wonderful addition to the BOC. I hope she joins she sure was excited about it. She even referred me to a lake in the town where she lives thats all fixed up for people who are disabled,saying it's an absolutely lovely lake. I am gonna try to go up there next Spring and check it out. Well I hope this hasn't been placed in the wrong section of the BOC.My apology if it is. Just wanted to share with you my visit with this lady and cross my fingers and hope she joins. Have a wonderful evening or a wonderful day depending on when you all read this.May you all enjoy many wonderful Blessings.~~~Sister Pat:big_smile:
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