I hope Everybody Is OK

Discussion in 'LOCAL OKLAHOMA TALK' started by trnsmsn, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. trnsmsn

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    Missouri Originally Now I
    Good Morning, I just saw the pics of the ice storm in the paper this A.M. that hit Oklahoma.

    Just hope all our members & family are safe there. I used to work for an emergency power line crew, up there & know how bad it can be.
  2. Flintman

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    OKC, OKLA.
    Thanks Elliot, for thinking about us, Here on Okla. City we did't get anything but sleet 4+ inches. Eastern Okla got hit very hard with ice, as you saw. I called friends over there, who live in a rual aera and they said the trees are falling over because of ice, and it sounds like a shotgun going off every time one falls.

  3. Okccatman

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    All is fine in Yukon.

  4. Love Them Cats

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    Vinita, Oklahoma
    We're hanging in here in Northeastern Oklahoma.
    They have the highways pretty much cleared going in and out of town, but the side streets are still much ice covered.

    What's hurting right now is some of the ice will thaw during they day, and refreeze at night. I make it to work pretty good, but it's getting home that's a little rough?
    I work from 2:30 pm till 11 pm and by the time I get off, it's just a solid sheet of ice.

  5. Mark R.

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    Rush Springs, OK
    Had a truck driver in from Tulsa yesterday commenting on how much more ice we have here than his other stops on the way.

    The highways are clear but the country roads are iced in, It is hilly where I live and we are unable to get around since it thawed out and refroze.

    I have chains on the rear but on the way home went into the ditch twice!
    Truck is staying in the ditch until I can get a wrecker to pull her out, no damage, just setting there nose down in the bottom.Don't know if a wrecker can even make it out.
    My front wheel drive car can't even go.

    Front end just goes where it wants to, a 4 wheel drive pickup stop to help me the first time - from a dead stop just slid into the ditch, never saw anything thing as slick as this.

    Looks like I will have to hook my fertilizer spreader behind the 3 wheeler and treat about 3/4 mile of road so my neighbors and my self can venture out.

    BTW- cat litter, High Dry or what ever you call it works wonders, used it under my forklift tires to get trucks unloaded yesterday.

    At least we still have power unlike the guys in the SE part of the state, got to feel sorry for those people.

  6. jholl949

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    Mannford. Oklah
    My wife left for work earlier and slid sideways out of the driveway!! Once you get out of the neighborhoods, it's not too bad, although they're calling for more weather this weekend.
    Be slow and careful and you've got a chance!! Remember to put your vehicle in neutral before trying to stop on ice. If you don't, your vehicle will keep trying to drive out from under you.
  7. CoonX

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    Oklahoma City O
    Got fresh sleet coming down now.:sad2: At least, everything is already frozen and the streets, that's been cleared shouldn't get that bad.
  8. skeetermagnet

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    Edmond, Oklahoma
    The tractors are just now making around to our side of campus where I work. They are having to use the rippers on the box blade to bust up the ice. Then they just scrape it down as close as they can to the pavement with the bucket. Snow is a lot easier than this.
  9. TDawgNOk

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Driven my wife to her patients today and yesterday. Best thing I can suggest for everyone is remember that your car has a first gear, even an automatic has a first gear for a reason. Drop yer car into first and fether tough your gas pedal. this will allow the car to get going better than if you just hit the gas and break the tires limited traction loose. Also, when coming to a stop sign, let the engine of the car slow you down to a bare crawl. Seen a lot of people do a lot of stupid things the past 2 days.
  10. Katmandeux

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    Checotah, Oklahoma
    When push comes to shove on ice, a little bit of R will straighten you out and make you whoa. Just lock the brakes before you shift.:big_smile:

    SNAGGED New Member

    Tahlequah Oklahoma
    Amazingly the highways here stayed clear. Bridges got a bit icey when things would thaw and refreeze. Feel sorry for anybody here that had Bradford Pears or Hackberry trees. They were hit the hardest. Picked up limbs on Thursday and the Pear trees That were 30 ft tall were now 6 and only had a one branch sticking out of them. Total loss.