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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by amatuer cat catcher, Aug 20, 2006.

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    well my dad found this old recurve in a house he was tearing down a few years ago and i got it out and im hooked and my neighbor has a bear compound he will sell me for 40 dollars but i can decide between a new recure or that compound can anyone help me?? and also do them make sights for recurves?
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    I am almost sure they do make sights for a recurve but I would think it takes the purity out of shooting one. I have shot both and like both and while I am far from an expert I enjyed the recurve more than the compound, even without all of the beels and whistles. just my opinions. In the end it all comes down to your personal choice. Shoot both and see which one feels better to you then make your choice.

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    Conway Arkansas
    Hey James, I started out shooting a recurve when I was a teenager but I didn't get serious till my late 20's. I have shot bare bow compounds, that is no sights or release and I have shot unlimited with all the bells and whistles. The last bow I had was a Roy Hall custom long bow and boy was it sweet. I usually bought a new compound every year and sometimes 2. I think I've taken 16 or 17 deer but all were with unlimited compounds and shot several bow tournaments in the unlimited class. The reason I told you all of that is to say this. I wish I had always shot just recurves or long bows. I had fun with all the other stuff but the plain ole stick and string bows were more satisfying. If you can consistently stack arrows out to 25 yards with your recurve and you have the time for the necessary practice I say stay with it. It has fewer parts so less can go wrong and in the end it will be a cheaper route. I suggest that you save up your money till you can afford a top of the line recurve or long bow and get it. Which ever route you take remember we owe it to the sport to practice enough to be able to do our best. Good luck and tell us how you do.
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    a compound for 40...but it and get yourself 100 dollar trade in on the recurve or sell it for 100