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    Staff this may be in the wrong place,so please use your discrestion and place this thread where it belongs.

    I just received a phone call from Brother CatfishKenny. Folks he is very excited about a Gathering in July. JULY 25 thru July 27TH My personal opinion
    is we as the BOC should support it. He wants everyone who can come to be there. It's right on the banks of the Mississippi River,and he said he knows quite a few people has caught their Personal best right off the banks. It is his intention to provide the bait as he has a place he goes to cast net them. The Guy is working really hard to make it enjoyable for all to attend.Would like to ask a favor of my BOC Family to please try and come to this event seeing as how he is trying to make this enjoyable for everyone.


    Sister Pat
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    South Gate, Cal
    Hi Pat, man o man a gathering on my birthday 7/25. I hope you have a good turnout.