I have been away for awhile

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by bull_head, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. bull_head

    bull_head New Member

    Laceyville, PA
    Sorry it took so long since my last post ...

    Alot has happened since I last logged in ....

    I have been volunteering my time at the local Elementary Schools
    helping out the teachers with the kids studies and projects ...
    I volunteer 3 days a week .... so this keeps me pretty busy

    Havent done much fishing since September ... the winter hasnt been
    kind for the ice fishermen .... cant wait to get back out this spring ...

    We have had a Family Emergency also ... my Uncle took sick a few weeks
    back and he was in the Intensive Care for quite some time ... he had
    multiple problems going on (to name a few blood poisioning , lyme disease , kidney problems and endocarditis) and I have been helping out where I can
    with my Grandfather (who my Uncle takes care of) and still helping out around the house ....

    My buddies (my nephews Patrick and Andy) have moved to a different town with there Mommy and Daddy .... Isee them about once a month now ... so the time I spend with them is priceless ....

    I will try to keep a pace in the forum and not be so long in next time as to log in .... Glad everyone is still around to talk to ....
  2. loanwizard

    loanwizard Well-Known Member

    Good to see you out and about. Sorry about the hard luck you've had and hopefully things are looking up. Always good to see old members resurface.

    Coshocton, Ohio

  3. Rainman4u2

    Rainman4u2 Guest

    Glad to have you back, and hopefuly nothing but good times are ahead.

  4. the_nis

    the_nis Member

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Good to see you back!
  5. WhiskerfishLou

    WhiskerfishLou New Member

    Northeastern Indiana
    Good to have you back with us, but the impact you've had on other's lives is far more important Giving one's self to someone else's needs is the greatest gift anyone can give. All the best!