I have a question,and would appreciate any and all comments.

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    With fuel prices being what they are.What do you all think of Biodeisel? If God see's fit for us to have this RR case to go in our behalf,my husband wants to buy a new Dodge diesel Truck so he can put a camper on it. He said he was very seriously thinking of having it manufactured to take Biodiesel.Regular Diesel is cheaper than Gas as it is right now.Is BioDiesel even cheaper.I ask this because I personally have not seen any pumps as of yet where you can purchase it. I am just curious is all. Thanks in advance for all comments.~~~~~~~Sister Pat:smile2::wink:
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    i drive a hyundai that gets 40 miles to the gallon and im still having trouble affording gas. however we have some friends in the boc that would be out of a job if we quit using it. its a touchy subject.

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    I work in a gas station, we don't have the biodiesel there and I'm not sure if you can even get it in town. I did hear my boss and this guy talking about the new truck this guy bought and it takes biodiesel. I heard him say that he has the same amount of power as his old truck but the new one doesn't get as good of milage. He said that he doesn't save any money but since he is a farmer he feels like he is still getting paid back in the long run. That's all I have ever heard first hand about it. Hope this helps.
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    SIS I think you may have answered your own question.BD isnt readily available and probably wont be for the for seeable future.So why have a vehicle that you would have to carefully plan any trip you make to find fuel.Strangely enough manufacturing diesel fuel requires about 10 less steps than gas so it used to be way cheaper as in half the price of gas.Once the "trend" started towards diesel cars ,pick-ups etc, mysteriously the price became elevated BECAUSE there wasnt sufficient refining capacity to keep up with demand and most of that refining capacity went to make gas and home heating oil.Funny that huh?:crazy:Right now I doubt you could justify the additional cost for a BD vehicle over regular diesel.Ethanol may finally catch on for an alternative fuel which would be a huge boost for the American farmer.:big_smile:
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    I know a lot of people that own those trucks that run off of biodiesel and regular diesel. With the way that fuel prices are goin, diesel is goin to remain lower than regular gas. Biodiesel is cheaper than regular diesel, just as E85 is cheaper than regular gas. But the problem that you run into is that fact that you dont get the mileage with the supplement fuel that you get with the regular fuel. Either way you are still goin to spend about the same amount of money on fuel whether you get biodiesel or regular diesel, same goes for regular gas and E85.
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    if you are serious in going the bio route you can get a kit to make your own out of used cooking oil it cost a little to get started but it pays for itself in the long run
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    if we could have it manufactured in higher quantities than we have right now, it would fix a ton of problems but at the moment i think we're stuck with what we got. but i do hear that with the right equiptment and storage tanks you can make it yourself. a few years ago a few guys made a trip around north america with a biodiesel car and they used hempseed oil to make it. but i also know that Griffin Industries (its around where i live) sets up recepticles in resturants and converts their grease into bi-diesel to run the public bus system around here..... something to look into...
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    You have two options with the vegetable oil. You can do some mods to the motor and run it on straight oil or you can use the oil to make biodiesel. Using straight oil means that you have to add the oil as a seperate system it does not completly replace diesel. You will still need to start up the engine on diesel and then run the last little bit on diesel so that you can clear the oil out of the injectors and such so that it does not solidify in them.
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    There are several large companies putting in bio Diesel plants. We have a diesel at work that we have ran on refined peanut oil as a test and it worked. There is a man in Arkansas that collects vegetable oil from different places, filters it and runs his diesel truck on it. I believe they hae a web site and is called veggie burners. These are stock engines that have not had modifications. Our boilers at work have not ran on Natural gas or Diesel, we use recovered oil.

    Bio-diesel is on the way, as far as being cheaper, only time will tell. It will cause an increase in other items. The oil to be used comes from soybeans and corn mostly so we will price increse because of supply and demand for these oils.
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    Personally I'd just stick with the good ol Desiel.
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    I think that biofuels are an inevitable. This is the fuel of the future, the distant future. I hope my grand kids visit me driving a car running on fuel produced by American farmers.