I have a problem.....

Discussion in 'LOCAL INDIANA TALK' started by paintball1022, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. paintball1022

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    we have 2 different flocks of geese that have flown into our residental pond and we cannot shoot them and i don't want them back next summer lol

    so any tips on how to humanly get rid of them and make sure they won't come back next summer.....
  2. drpepper

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    I know how you feel... good luck, I have problems with those and blue herons.
    a dog that hates geese or a low powered bb gun (thats what I use) and if your persistant they will stop coming after awhile. Can you believe people want geese so bad they buy plastic ones to put in their front yard:confused2:
    The goose poo and honking was one thing, but I had my fill of 'em when one attacked my little boy.
    let me know if you find a better way. And oh it yeah, it seems no matter what you do- do, they'll ALWAYS return in the spring and you'll get strays during migration.

  3. germanmudfish

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    Gray, GA
    Man those things can be a pain. We had ducks at the hotel I work at and they were bad enough. Kept having babies which were quickly snatched up by the crows. This injured the sensitivities of our delicate guests so the ducks were moved to a private pond where they stayed. I rode through the other night by the lake and found a flock of about 50 geese dining on the grass. The cart scared them off, but I am sure they will be back. Just keep aggravating them, hopefully they will move on to another area. Good luck.