I have a HILARIOUS story for you... and a pic too

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    This is a true story...

    As you may or may not know, I also do some work for a family-owned Game Ranch. Well one day about 4 years ago, (and Im keeping the story short) we got a call from a guy who wanted to hunt wild boars and have his buddy videotape the whole thing. No problem...right? WRONG.

    He then added that he wanted to do this hunt dressed as a gladiator and to kill the pig with nothing but a trident (3-pointed spear) and a net.

    I was in immediate shock as the guy on the speakerphone waited for an answer. My dad, piped in and answered, "No, Retardicus." and immediately hung up on him.


    NOW.... The full length story is one that I tend to tell folks when we're out in the boat. It is a funny story as-is, a true story, and one tht any sane human being would never suggest... which is why I love that the situation happened to me... because insane things crack me right up. So look at this post and the pic attached to it.

    Whiskerwhacker is a newbie on the forum and a truly funny guy from what I knew of the only 2 catfishing trips I took with him, but this is OVER THE TOP FUNNY. Be sure to open the pic. This new guy's got GUTS.
    Enjoy it
    :big_smile: :lol: :big_smile: :lol:
    Here is the link
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    That is absolutely priceless... You can't make up that kind of stuff..:lol: Thanks for sharin'...
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    that was good. lol
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    that was very funny lol
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    thats super funny

    u should have let him try and get a boar :) lol

    but i seen a show where this dude hunted boar with a KNIFE ONLY and he did get one..... talk about adrenaline :) that would be one crazy funny video though
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    Don't you just love it when you meet someone who is busy livin and in love with life and fun.
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    I grant it, thats something that dont happen everyday :lol: It just goes to show ya that its a very small world!

    Thanks for sharing Sal, you always have the good stuff. :lol:
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    I really enjoyed this one!:lol:
    Many, MANY, years ago, when I was young and strong I had a trip booked to Georgia to hunt a Wild Boar with either a Spear or Knife. About two months before I was to leave, a drunk plowed into the side of the car, ... MY SIDE!
    Needless to say, I didn't get to go on the hunt! But I got a 475# Russian Sow that was out to get me!! But that is another story for another day and time!!:wink:
    "THANKS AGAIN" for sharing! :smile2:
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    At least he didn't say he was also going to be wearing panties and a bra. :lol:
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    Retardicus...I can visualize that conversation clearly for some reason. ROTFLOL! Man, the fishing net is just the right touch.:lol: Kudos to the brave and the bold...
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    Oh well for the record, killing a boar with a pencil sharpener can probably be done... The fact of the matter is that when you're the owners or operators of an enclosed game ranch, you have a liability to the safety of your clients... and you have to balance that liability with the most exciting hunt you can muster up...within reason.

    Something told me- (and uh.. heh heh I am not sure exactly what it was), that the sort of character that would involve himself in such a plan against a wild and VERY dangerous animal, was probably not quite "on his rocker". My grandfather just that year was given 40 staples in his leg for getting too close to a boar out there. With liability like that regardless of the waiver, we'd rather not deal with the amateur tred bartas of the world. :big_smile: :wink:
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    LMAO, thanks for sharing.
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    Retardicus! I think I work with several of his relatives!:lol: :big_smile: :cool2:
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    even funnier to let him, demanding only a copy of the tape lol
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    I am 61.In my youth the standard way to hunt wild hogs was with dogs.You had Trail dogs,Bay dogs and you had Catch dogs.You went in with the Catch dogs and caught the hog by the hind feet with your hands and rolled the hog while someone tied the front feet and jaws while the Dog held on to it's ear.They then tied the back feet and you hauled the live hog out.What is now known as Hog Hunting was called "killing Hogs" back then,with or with out dogs.It would have been a lot easier to stick that hog with a knife than catching it.That is what you did if things went wrong.You sure knew better than to turn that hog loose! Saying that "you had to stick that Hog" meant you had a unsuccessful Hog hunt,and someones or possibly a Dogs life was endangered.A spear or a knife would have been a lot safer.There has got to be some more of you old timers out there that "Hog hunted"and caught the hogs.There was even a few old hunters who had got up to a bayed hog in a thicket and it turned out to be a Bear.A K-bar and a pocket full of cord is fine medicine for a Hog,but leaves you a little short with a mad Bear.Hogs were real good at baying in a Gallberry thicket where you could not even see your feet.All farm animals or "stock"as it was called still ran loose in Georgia in the early 50's.Mean stock was highly valued as it protected it's offspring.People were killed by this stock.peewee-williams