I had the chance to talk to the guy that killed me.... would you?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by dip, Sep 7, 2006.

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    at church sunday my mom said that carl s. was there to celebrate his mom's 80th b-day. and thought i should talk to him. back in 77 when i was in junior high we were friends and were camping with some other guys with a ton of beer and some hippy hay. got into an arguement and when i walked away he hit me with something which left me unconscious and eventually a surgeon told my mom i was clinically dead. i have forgiven him and no charges were ever filed but the friendship ended and i really don't have anything to say to him. the resulting scar from the surgery to repair a sub-dural hematoma led me to git the nickname horse shoe head in the army!
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    Forgiving is one thing but forgeting is another. I don't think I would havehad anything nice to say, so I would have said nothing at all. So I am with you.

  3. wishiwasfishin

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    man I don't think I could ever forget anything like that.yeah I think we would have a long talk in some form..the way I see it ..eye for an eye
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    I could forgive, but not forget also. Even though you were all young kids back then, has he straightened up his act since? You don't have to feel anything for this guy, because you did forgive him.
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    John to have lived through that is a blessing but as for talking to him well was it him that hit you or the partying and the emotions that was built up on the booze and hippie hay
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    Well I am going to take a little different approach to this. I am 34 and have had my days with the booz and plenty of hippy hay. I have had near death things take place because when I drank and drugged I was in no way a nice guy. I look at all those experiences and all those people as stepping stones to the person I am today. I have been in recovery for a good long while now, and to tell you the truth I am greatful for all those bad things whether brought on by me or another person. They made me the MAN I am today. Also gives me the ability to share with others my experience so they dont think they are alone, and things can get better. Kids will be kids and drugs and alcohol alter us and sometime we do things that we normally wouldnt do. I would just look back on it as one of those "remember when" things and go on, for holding on to it only hurts you. Thats my take on it.
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    A very interesting "test" which God has put before you john.I cant tell you how to handle it,but I can tell you what works.Forgive you have done,and one can forgive without forgetting.Example:A preacher puts someone over the head of the childrens class,and this person abuses A child.Now lets say this person comes back to the church,and has a repentant heart,a truly repentant heart.And is allowed back into the church.The people have forgiven them,but lets say they want to have another chance at teaching the childrens class again.Well,they have been forgiven but we shouldnt forget,it would be foolish to say,"since we forgave this person that we should forget what they have done"..SO,we can forgive and do not have to forget.It is wise to not forget.
    As far as speaking to Carl whom you saw at church.God is the only one who knows your heart and the feelings you have for Carl.The first thing I would say is to pray for God's guidance,For knowledge wisdom and understanding,as to what HE would have you do in this situation.
    Remember God also knows what is in Carls heart as well.
    God knows what we need and he knows when we need it,He will give us what we ask for.If you need Strength to speak to him,if you need "The right time" to speak to him ask God for it.But first and foremost John we must ask the Lord,Lord what would YOU have ME to do?When we give it up to him,and allow him to control the situation and not us.Then he WILL use it to OUR benefit.He will make a way which is straight,no matter what that answer is.
    But in also praying to the Lord for wisdom we must also seek to find out what he says,he wont always whisper in our ear what we should do,But we know that his word is sure,and sharper than any two-edged sword.
    As far as an "eye for an eye"that verse is from matthew 5:38...the proper context of that is YOU HAVE HEARD THAT IT HATH BEEN SAID an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth BUT I SAY UNTO YOU that you resist not evil *the amplified bible says do not resist the evil man who injures you,but if anyone strikes you on the right jaw or cheek,turn to him the other one too.****I do not think you would harm Carl John,so you have no need to really hear about an eye for an eye,but many take it out of context even as i used to do.
    Pray John,for the Lord to work his will into your life in this situation,and at the same time you will more than likely get a whole new revelation of the God whom we serve and how deep his Love and mercy for us truly is.
    I also would reccomend reading matthew chapter 5.It will surely bless you..But as we who trust in the Lord know,God blesses us always..
    Peace and Plenty,
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    I am saying this in the hope of helping,not harming.Please remember that all of the innocent people that you hurt are not grateful for all of the bad things that you did to become the "MAN" you are today.Most if not all may find your gratefulness offensive.Until we learn this,I believe that we are just avoiding the issue,not facing it.Recovery is not excusing,though many of us fall into this trap.Part or recovery is facing the fact that there are people who often regret that they let you live.I have many things in life that I wish that I could undo.Life is not that way.It is often easer to make peace with yourself than others.I wish you the best of luck.peewee-williams
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    dont think I would have said a word myself.
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    I would just stay out of range.
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    Let the past stay in the past and look forward to the future You openly admit you were out there drinking and smoking pot. That can be a lethal combo I would just keep it where it belongs and walk in peace!----pk powell:smile2:
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    Forgiveness Is A Powerful Tool. Reps To Ya Brother
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    I am proud of ya for forgivn. I don't think I could have. In fact, I wouldn't have been out of the hospital very long before I would have hunted that "friend" down. Then we would have revisited the "issue" face to face.