I had a wonderful deer hunt today.

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by peewee williams, Nov 11, 2007.

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    I got a phone call today.My grandson had just shot his first deer with his first shot out of his Ruger SS model 77 Mark ii all weather in 270 Winchester that I passed down to him.I done got happy like a little kid and have to tell everyone.Now if my son can do the same with the Winchester Model 70 Classic Sporter in 7mm.Remington Magnum that I passed down to him.Done made me feel real good!I feel bad that I ain't able to hunt and shoot anymore now but it sure feels good to know that my rifle has made a boy happy!It even feels a lot better than when I went hunting.I do wish that I had been able to be with him.It has been a good week as I successfully got out and went 25 miles to town thursday for a few hours with out mishap.Wife said that the last time was 7 months ago when I went to the doctor.She keeps up with that.I even got a phone call from Gator (Jim Hudson) today.God has sure been good to me.These 5 extra years have really been a blessing.I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    Good to here that all is going well for you Peewee, And tell your grandson congrad's on the deer.

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    Good to hear that your grandson had a success day out in the woods.Grandkids seem to always come up with a way to make grand parents happy don't they. Tell him I said CONGRADULATIONS!!.
    The best news however is to hear that you had a good day and that you got to go to town for awhile.Heres hopeing you have many ,many more days like that.Hang In There !