I gotta ask this...... is Bigfoot real?!?!

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does bigfoot exist, and if yes....where?

  1. YES

  2. NO

  3. SE OHIO

  4. NE OHIO

  5. NW OHIO

  6. SW OHIO


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  1. brandonbtbt

    brandonbtbt New Member

    Cambridge, OH
    lately i've read a couple posts on here about weird events happening to people while fishing.. i also figure a lot of people, just like me have been fishing some "hidden" spots accessible by a 10 min hike through the woods and staying out all night.... i'm sure we've all heard sounds from the woods around 3am that get you thinking about one thing....


    I grew up about a mile from the entrance to Salt Fork and i've heard the stories all my life... theres even one of the biggest bigfoot conventions in the usa held at the lodge within the park every year....

    personally i don't believe in bigfoot, but when i'm sitting there NOT catching flatheads at 3am in the middle of the woods, i have to wonder......

    so i'm creating a poll... does big foot exist, and for those whose choose yes i'm asking them to pick where it's most likely to be.. SE Ohio, NE Ohio, etc etc....

    we'll see where this thread goes hahaha....
  2. River_monster91

    River_monster91 New Member

    central kansas
    i voted yes but its either in the rocky mountains of colorado or in the swamps of arkansaw!!!!

  3. SWeiss

    SWeiss New Member

    Nope. Something that big certainly would have been found already or at least a carcass would have shown up somewhere.
  4. T Man

    T Man New Member

    Grenada MS
    mabe a long time back I think he would have been seen and really documented in his sighting
  5. pendog66

    pendog66 New Member

    Brookville OH
    im gona say yes, theres still a lot of areas that arent searched. i say we start a BOC chapter of bigfoot hunters
  6. cavereric

    cavereric New Member

    There out there some where theres to much evidence like footprints and stuff people seeing them. The North American large primate is real. Check out the Brfo web site theres some neat stuff on there.
  7. SnagHatr76

    SnagHatr76 New Member

    I voted no. I dont believe bigfoot is real. Was probably a story started around a campfire decades ago and the legend continues yet today. Has anyone ever been snipe hunting? Same principle
  8. wolfman

    wolfman Well-Known Member

    Triadelphia, WV
    Walter Flack
    Absolutely!!! He lives next door to Elvis:eek:oooh:
  9. Mark J

    Mark J New Member

    Four Oaks, NC
    Of course big foot is real. Who in their right mind would question it?
  10. poisonpits

    poisonpits Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    dont know if theres any survivors left but im prety sure there was when i was a younger man.ive seen the results of seeing a bigfoot first hand.its to long a story to tell here but catch me at a gathering some time and ill tell you a tail.
  11. fishmonster13

    fishmonster13 Member

    i voted yes as i used to work with him , he could pick up a full 55gallon oil drum and like it was nothing . oh and we called him jake hes was relleased back in to brown county where they caught him :wink::smile2::smile2::smile2::smile2:
  12. jcat61

    jcat61 Guest

    You just made Whitey take another pill with this survey!!!!:smile2:
  13. brandonbtbt

    brandonbtbt New Member

    Cambridge, OH
    hahah well i thought the "no's" would be winning but theyre not!
  14. Salmonid

    Salmonid New Member

    SW Ohio
    Sometimes its hard to imagine a large biped could liv here in the midwest but 1 trip out west, or fly a plane over the rockies, cascades or any other large mountain range and you would be amazed at the many areas of untouched wilderness in the western US. Places that are thousands of square miles with no paved roads and so rugged if you were 5 feet from one you would never know it. I believe I read an interesting fact in Backpacker Magazine a few months back, said the spot that is considered the most remote spot in the lower US is 23 miles from the nearest 2 track! and like 56 miles from the nearest pavement! Located in Western Wyoming smack dab in Grey wolf and Grizzly territories. I might add that I once was in the middle of the boundry waters and hiking along a deer trail , it was rough and so thick, it was scary and then I sensed something next to me, walking nearby and when i stopped and started off track in its direction, I thought I was hearing something, something large ( Moose I presume) took off about 10 feet from me, i saw the bushes move but never saw anything, scared the bee-jeebers out of me, just made me think just how close I was to a VERY large animal without ever knowing it and it had followed me or parraleled me.

    Just another interesting fact, how many folks do you know that have actually seen a couger or grizley in the wild? ( outside a national park ) Of course we know they are there, but if you realize just how few folks have ever seen one in the wild, there is a chance a slightly smarter, more nocturnal and shy creature could easily stay hidden if it wanted to.

    Food for thought!
  15. rclark

    rclark New Member

    He's alive:wink: I've seen him many times :cool2:
    He makes jerky commercials:eek:oooh::crazy::smile2:
  16. ryang

    ryang Well-Known Member

    Blacklick, Ohio
  17. SWeiss

    SWeiss New Member

    Aunt Bunny is comin' to git me! :smile2:
  18. rrssmith

    rrssmith New Member

    No, it would have been trapped,shot or captured by now..most of the sightings seem to be from people suffering from TMB syndrome...........too much booze:smile2:
  19. Salthart

    Salthart New Member

    North Carolina
    Well I had not posted this because it was so close to another post. BUt its true and in fact you can likely find it on the BFRO site.

    WARNING ! Long post...

    It was the year Mt St Helans blew. I was just home from the army and had a huge need to go fishing. I had lost touch with all my old friends so there was no one to ask along. I just got a couple of rods, a tackle box, a couple extra packs of smokes an extra lighter and bait. I had sold my Duster when I joined and did not yet have any wheels so I asked my girlfriend (wife now) to drop me off on this dead end road. It was around 5 in the afternoon and the plan was that she would pick me up around 10. She would pull up and hit the horn a time or two and I'd come on.

    We drove out the dead end road and after a ways the pavement turned to gravel. Not the normal gravel but big stuff fist sized to hold on the steep hill. About 100 yards off a cove the gravel makes a circle and thats it. It was late september or October if I remember right. The leaves were still on the trees and I could not see the cove. THere was heavy cloud cover but only mist, no rain. I got out and she drove off and I never thought once about a flashlight.

    I walked down the deer trail to the water only to find nothing but a sandy beach with a stream running through it and about 200 yards away, the Catawba river ran where the lake was supposed to be. If you recall that year there was unreal heat and drought all over. THe news had been full of people being killed by the heat and chicken houses were full of dead birds etc all summer. Well, the lake was down a long ways and as I said, there was a river where the lake should have been. I walked to the stream and someone had layed a rough cut oak 2x8 across it. It was not quite strong enough to keep my feet dry and the board slapped the water each step in the middle.

    I walked across and over to the waters edge. This was at one time called Upton's Landing for those of you who know Lake James. Standing here I can see Burnetts Landing a couple of miles up river and the river makes a 90 degree turn in front of me to my right and runs along a steep rock wall that goes maybe half a mile. Across the water from me the area is called Black Bear and at this time it was a big empty area. At the end of the rock wall to my right was the local Moose Lodge.

    I had to climb up a ways on the rock wall to get to a path. And once up top I was walking on a narrow path in the rock and the rock wall went on up beside me. I walked out a hundred or so yards until I came to a place where the rock wall sunk back a ways and made almost a 3 sided room with tree limbs overhanging the top. It was a perfect place to fish although getting a large fish up from the water would be a problem. I baited up and got my lines in the water, Placed the rods against a large rock that was sitting there like a table and placed another rock against the handles so nothing pulled em in and I walked around till I found a place to climb up and gather firewood.

    I threw down every stick that I could find. It was all tender dry uder the trees. Leaves and pine needles for tender etc. THen I went down and layed my fire but waited till dark to light it. I was catching fish and I was happy that I had a long stringer from the coast so I could reach the water.

    When dark finally came and it was getting hard to see my rod tips I lit the fire and just like I had hoped, the walls reflected the light and I could see just great. I guess I fished for a couple hours or so and was having a blast when all at once something started shaking the trees and the laural bushes at the top of the rock above me. I don't mean a little either. THinking back I have seen a big buck horn a tree about like this but I had no clue about such back then. I sat there and tried to think of what it could be. Most everything I thought of I could not see doing this. A dog from the Moose lodge ? Only if it were a great dane or something like it. So I whistled..

    That really ticked off whatever this was. It wasn't just shaking trees, it was breaking stuff that sounded like you broke a broom handle over your knee ! Now I'm thinking someones cow has gotten loose and there is a thousand pounds of bovine on a slippery pine needle covered steep bank over my head and its showing its butt ! I couldn't stay. I reeled in my lines. Turned all my pretty cats loose packed my tackle, lit a cigarette, placed all my gear in my left hand and kicked the fire into the water. Now I can't see my hand in front of my face for a good minute.

    After a bit I could see the lights of Marion reflected off the clouds and a little bit longer I could see the outline of the treeline. I felt my way along the rock. Knowing a wrong step meant going into the water I'm guessing 10 feet below. I get to the end of the rock and have to feel my way down to the beach. And all the while this "THing" is staying right with me. Once I get to the sand I make good time. I walk till I step in the stream and I turn left and walk with one foot in the water till I trip on the board. I have not heard the "Thing" for a little bit and I'm thinking it stayed up on the cliff. I get lined up with the board and walk across, slap slap slap. Now and then I get a flash of light from the streetlight where the pavement ends.

    I hit the woods, no way to find the deer path. and about that time I hear the board slap slap slap. At about this time my hair stands up. I was young and there was a lot I didn't know. BUt I knew a few things. No cow walked across that board...No cat either,He would have jumped the water. No man could see so much better than I did that he could walk under the trees when I couldn't see where to put my feet in the open. A bear maybe.
    I hit the gravel and through the tunnel that the road made under the trees I could see the streetlight. THere was enough light that I could see one big gravel sticking up from the rest on the road and as i passed it I stooped and picked it up. I would not throw it. I would use it like a club. I would make my stand under the light. On up the hill I went at a good hard walk. I did not run the first step. If whatever this thing was was gonna take me, it was gonna fight and all the wounds wouldn't be in my butt. And I'd be as fresh as I could when the time came.
    About the time I hit the road side of the circle I could hear it step onto the gravels. Not hooves. I kept walking and did not turn to look back. What night vision I'd had was gone because of looking ahead into the street light and I couldn't see it anyway.
    When I made the circle of light two things happened. Relief flooded me and as I reached the center of the light I started to raise the rock and turn to face whatever. Before I made the turn there was a growl that I will never forget. Until that second I never knew what the old saying "Blood turned to icewater" meant. But the growl came from up the hill, not behind me ! Into the light came a huge Irish setter. He was waist high at the shoulders. He had every tooth showing and was growling to beat the band. He came right towards me and I remember I almost said out loud " Old boy, Your dead" And I set about caving in his head. But he went right past me without a glance and stopped at the lights edge ! He would growl for a minute and whimper a few times. But one thing was for sure. Whatever was back there was going to have to fight him to get any closer.
    I said thank you old boy and I walked.. I was coming into town when my girlfriend picked me up.

    I have never been back to that spot on foot. About 8 years ago I went one night in my boat and I fished with only kerosene lanterns for light and I'be been 4 or 5 times this year. Never had the least reason to think anything was there that didn't belong. But that night is never far from my mind while I'm there and a week ago I was fishing there when a flock of ducks flew over.At like 2 am
    .. They didn't scare me.. I had to go to the bathroom anyway !

    I don't have a clue what this thing was. I have thought about it for many hours in the passing 29 or so years and I still have no clue.. But it happened.