I Got The Lumber If You've Got The Plans

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    For over 30 years, John the carpenter had a bad habit of stealing lumber from most every job he ever did and even stole lumber from other places. He had stacks and stacks of lumber piled high in every shed and all over his back yard. John's wife, Mary, tried many times over the years to dissuade John from taking lumber that didn't belong to him, but he just kept on piling up stolen lumber. John was getting on up in years and Mary encouraged him to go to her priest and confess his sins before he died. After several days of thinking about what his wife had said, John decided to do as Mary suggested. However, since he wasn't a churchgoer, John didn't know how to go about making a confession. Mary told him what to do and to tell the priest that he was Mary's husband. So, off John went to the church bright and early one morning. He entered the confessional booth and the priest opened the curtain on the other side and John told him that Mary suggested that he come and ask forgiveness for his sins. The priest asked John what sins he had committed and John said "Father, I have been a carpenter for over 30 years and during that time I have stolen hundreds and hundreds of boards of lumber from almost every customer I have worked for and even from people who were not my customers. In fact, I have stacks and stacks of lumber at my house." The priest was silent for a minute and then said to John, "my son, you have truly sinned. Therefore you must make a Novina to atone for those sins. John, being unfamiliar with a Novina, thought for a moment and responded "well sir, if you have the plans, I have the lumber."
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    Jim, now that is funny.:big_smile:

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    Jim Now I know where you got all that lumber from. LOL
    That is a good one buddy.
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    hahahaha that's a good one!!!
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    Jim, when did you change your mane feom John???

    haha good one.