I got one over on a Bass Man today, unintentionally.

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    Admin/Staff, if this isn't the right place for this, please move to an appropriate section. It is about catfishing, but has a funny little twist.

    Since I got a new trolling motor(my only propulsion) for my little 12' boat, I have been bass and bluegill fishing like crazy. Until today, I have still been doing my catting from the bank. Well I decided to take her out and fish this little feeder creek channel that I knew would have plenty of channels. I took only two rods, my G.Loomis MBR783C IMX with Shimano Curado 200(serious bass gear:wink:) and my newest light catting setup; 7' M Ugly Stik Lite Pro Spinning Rod and Reel(this is one of two rigs that I was given for Father's Day and I absolutely love it). I had a bag of frozen shad, tub of fiddle crawlers, and some dip bait. I brought the G.Loomis and some spinnerbaits along for the troll back to the ramp. I got anchored in the mouth of this feeder creek and started of with the Loomis using some shad. It wasn't long before I started pulling em in. Most were little guys(1-3#) with a couple of 5#ers. I was having a blast when here comes a brand new Nitro Z-7 bass boat. The guy finally saw me and slowed down, nearly rocking me out of my little boat. He pulled up close and apologized. I advised him to slow down in this area, due to it being shallow in places. We talked for a few minutes about bass fishing and he commented favorably on my Loomis and Shimano. He said he wanted a setup like mine, but all his fishing money was going to the boat bank. I had a bait in the water the whole time this was happening and suddenly I got a hit. This was not the same as I had been catching the rest of the day. The fish was pulling drag and trying to drive into some logs/trunks close by but I was able to keep it out. The whole time this guy is looking as if he is about to burst. After a couple of minutes I finally tire her out, and she came to the boat. Low and behold, I caught a little flattie(10# 6oz. by my scale). I was so happy when I pulled her out of the water that I was shaking, it has been since last year that I caught a flattie. Well I finally looked up at this guy, and he had a mixed look of disgust and amazement. I smiled and said "you thought I was jigging for bass". He nodded and said "I assumed you were bassin with that Loomis". I responded with " you know what assuming does for you, it makes an a** out of u and me". He smirked and said "you are right, anyway what kind of cat is that, it sure put up a fight". I said "This sir is a 10 pound North Alabama Flathead that will whup any bass any day":big_smile_2:. We both laughed. We talked for a few more minutes after I released that pretty girl. I told him that I bass fish alot and love it, but my passion is catfishing. He actually seemed interested in learning about catfishing. He left and I didn't catch another fish all morning.
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    That is a real good story, thanks for sharing with us. Sounds like some great fishing also. Congrats.

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    Great story and nice Flattie.Thanks for the C&R on it.
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    I can understand the Bass guy's interest....throwing 1000 times and calling a 4lb fish a great fish.....whereas a cat guy considers that a dink and we can catch a stringer full on any given day.
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    Good story Greg! That is great pulling in a nice Flathead while he was watching! :cool2:
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    being a bass man and a cat man i find that quite humerous!!!

    thanks for the laugh
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    Totally agree with that statement, I get lost in the rainbow of lures looking like space ships and such:eek:oooh:. I'll take a big old glob of punch bait anyday :big_smile_2:
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    I always enjoy hearing a good cat story, especially when a bass fisherman gets to see what fun we really have catchin cats. than:smile2::smile2:ks for the enjoyment.
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    Good reading there.....loved the story, thanks

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    Good story and the timing couldn't have been better.