I got a boat and I am wondering value

Discussion in 'Boating' started by willyray07, Jun 13, 2007.

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    i've got a 1983 lowe aluminum bass boatwith an 1983 evinrude 70 hp the motor runs really well its got a cnc tilt and trim new seats and im looking to put a minnkota riptide trolling motor on it i was wondering if anyone has one or knows how i could find the value on it i believe its eithe 16 foot or 15'6 i traded for my old stratos that hasnt been running for a few years the stratos is a 1989 256 v with an 1989 evinrude 70 hp vro good deal or not ??????
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    well if you got a boat that runs for a boat that didnt, then yeah, id say you got a deal..LOL

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    That is a hard one.
    If you go by the book on my boats. I would be dead.
    2003 War-Eagle 2072-SLDV with a 2005 Suzuki 140 4-stroke and factory trailer.
    Book shows the boat at $3800. But that is only the hull not counting the full floor, Covered sides,Livewell,built in 18 gallon gas tank. And vinyl flooring Wetlands camo, 65 lb thrust auto pilot trolling motor and then 2 depth finders one is the Humminbird 987c-SI
    The motor list for $6280. It only has 120 hours on it. Total book value on this one is $11,420. Way low.

    Then the 2004 War-Eagle 754 LDV wit factory floor and 6ft gun box. book shows it at $2400. Find on the dealers lot and the same used hull will cost you around $4800+ Boat has camo paint also and 42 lb throust trolling motor and 2 depthfinders.
    2000 Yamaha 4-stroke tiller motor 250 hours on it book shows it at $1555.
    Total on this one by the book is $5125.
    This is just to show you that on some boats the book is way off. Bet to look around at dealers and see what they are getting for the same boat.