I give up!!

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    St. Louis
    well gang I thought I got my boat up and running so I took it out sunday
    got to alton about 6:00am boat ran fine to around 10:00am
    we fished a hole or two got some real good slams but no fish, Last time we where ther we did good just drifting down river so we tried that. Thats when it happen. tried to start the engine wouldnt it turn over.
    by this time we drifted around the bend heading toward the missouri.
    this time I had my trolling motor. it got us close to the bank but that current was really kicking.

    we thought we can go around that island to avoid the current, but that was'nt the best idea......lol heck we was only in 12ft of water but that current seemed stronger then the main channel. my trolling motor had us at a stand still....lol I tried to get us at the front of the island so someone could see us. by that time 4hrs went by man it was hot. then we saw the first boat, nice guy but forgot his name srry. he tried to pull us back but it was to much for his boat. It overheated twice. so he went to find a bigger boat.
    he gave us some ICE COLD water. we have water but the ice had melted and it was hotter then panter pist. so we waited another 2 or 3 hrs. then we so another boat two guys just put in for a day on the water. we flagged them down, and they gave us a tow. it was still daylight when we got off the water this time about 7:00pm or so. I gave the gentleman $30.00, He refused to take it, and said I didnt have to. finelly I told him he did'nt have to give us a tow but he did you got to take. sorry Im not good with names but thanks again.

    as for the boat I really just wanted to leave it right there at the ramp.
    I'm going to try one more time. its going in the shop tommorow. I have no clue whats wrong with the thing so I know he's gonna stick me with a nice bill.

    well thats my story, and Im sticking to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks for reading hopefuly I'll see you guys on the water

  2. stlcatman

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    Imperial, MO
    That sucks Willie, I hope it is nothing serious. If you get it fixed are you going to the get together this weekend? I think I might have to go because ever since I read that Cuz guys voodo posts I have caught nothing but dinks and I have to talk to him about getting that curse revoked:confused2: Well good luck with the boat, I am off all week so give me a call if the trash quits coming down I will head up there.

  3. Todd Strong

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    Cambridge, Ne
    Thats twice isn't Willie, i would start loosing cofindence by now, make ya worry next time out till it becomes reliable. good luck hope ya get it fixed.
  4. Mr.T

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    Sounds to me like you need to start fishing upstream from the ramp...
  5. Mickey

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    Willie some trips just turn out bad.Don"t give up. Thing will get better. Get the motors checked out \, make some river adjustments and catch some nice fish.:big_smile:
  6. grinnel

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    Pool 25, Mississippi MO
    tuff break man. What mechanic are you using?

  7. Vince Copple

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    Never give up Willie. I remember being out with my dad and grandfather one time back in the early 70's fishing on the White River. My dad loved going down to what he called the Big Rapids where the water was fast. We only had a 14 footer with a 5 horse on it as we floated the rapids and were catching fish. Dad fired up the engine to only realize that we were just keeping up with the current. We rowed a mile up that river until we finally got where the water wasnt so fast that the engine could slowly push us. It was a long 8 mile trip and I remember getting out on the next sand bar and walking up past the next set of rapids. A month after that, he went out and bought a 10 horse as we wore out 3 of them on that river and 2 20's. Finally as dad got older, he went to a 25 electric start on a 16 footer.. I still have that boat to this day.

    Just dont give up. We all at one time have had equipment failure or as the big joke between Cuz and I.. running out of gas. Just put in down in your memories as you will always remember that trip. Just hang in there... It has probably happened to all of us at one point in time..
  8. Grumper

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    Crystal City MO
    Willie, I feel your pain. I've pretty much been in the same situation. It was this time off year, back in 2003. Me and a buddy put in the Mississippi down here one night to do some night fishing. I took the boat off of the trailer, and waited for my buddy to park his truck. He jumped in the boat and took off down river. We made it about 200yds, and his motor just died like you shut the key off. It wouldn't even try to start or hit a lick for that matter. We messed with it for a while, but nothing. By now, we were out in the main channel, moving at a pretty good clip. I look up, and there is a huge barge, we are drifting right in front of a 1in the morning. He had his trolling motor on the boat, but is wasn't wired up. So, I'm in the back twisting wires together, (It was an old boat) and finally got the trolling motor to work. We dropped it in the water, and I started paddling as well. We missed that barge hitting us by only maybe 50 feet or so. That Minn Kota saved my life that night. Once we finally got to bank. My buddy started walking. About 6hrs later, another buddy of mine woke me up, asking me if I needed a lift. I was glad to see him. He towed me about 5 miles up river back to the truck. From now on out, I will never go on the river without my trolling motor on the boat and fully charged batteries!
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    Sorry to hear about your boat:sad2:, nothing like boat trouble to make a good trip turn bad.
  10. wayne1967

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    Man, you've had a run of bad luck.
  11. kkyyoottee

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    Willie its a sign that a big one is coming your way!!! You are just being tested. You are never given more than you can endure. Mark my words a big one is coming your way!!!
  12. BKS72

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    You'll get it, Willie. Sorry to hear about the run of luck, I've had issues with mine as well. Got the point last summer I said a li'l prayer every time I went to turn the key :eek:oooh: Anyway, wondering if she'll get you back to the ramp gives you something to think about while you're waiting for the fish to bite...:wink:Good Luck!

  13. MoMudCat

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    Ya know, that brings up a good point. I hope the guy did not end up taking your $30.00. I have been on both sides of the situation many times through the years. The times I have been pulled in, I always offer money, but have never had anyone take it. I will absolutely refuse payment when I tow someone in because ya just never know when it is going to be you on the other end of the rope. The way I was brought up on the river, it is just kind of an unwritten rule.
  14. cubedweller

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    I'm with Marty -- just fish upstream until you've got reliability and confidence.

    On Sunday, my cousin and I (unclebill85) took my little 15 foot antique richline on her maiden voyage. She's a '73 hull with a '68 Johnson 20 horse tiller. Yep, a relic. But it's my relic. We were going to put her in at Kaw Point and then head upstream on the Kaw.

    She floated up off the bunks and I got the motor started, so I backed up into the confluence pool while Bill parked. After backing up into deeper water, I engaged forward gear. Well, I continued to back up towards the MO. I toggled it back and forth with no difference except neutral. Forward, reverse -- same difference.

    I had wired the trolling motor to a freshly charged battery for an occasion such as this. So, I trolled back to shore and Bill got in the boat in time for me to tell him that we lost forward gear. We tried to get it to work while we did slow lazy reverse circles in the pool for awhile. I'm sure this was a source of entertainment to those nearby. Finally, a boater offered to tow us upstream. That was a very cool offer, and we thanked him but declined. Our two options were thus, a) use the gas motor and go backwards upstream. Last I checked, this was not such a good idea. Or, b) troll our way upstream slowly. The unspoken option, c) go home, was not on the table so we stuck with option B. We didn't go as far upstream as we wanted, but we figured that a few miles up on our first voyage was better than nothing. We had a good time, though no fish were landed. I do think a couple fish accidentally bumped our lines, but they apologized for their transgression.

    We'll be back out there as soon as the motor issues are worked through...and I can assure you we'll only be making upstream trips for awhile.
  15. micus

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    Lake St. L
    I try to always go upstream. Lost the motor 6 miles from the club house once, fortunately I was upstream that day--slowly made my way back with the trolling motor, it was only 25 lb. When that trolling motor wore out I went to a 65 lb. 12 v. Changed boats to my 1754 and put a 67 lb. 24 v. on it. I still prefer to put in downstream when possible.
  16. CountryHart

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    Willy i'm new here but i'm certainly not new to troubles on the water. Fished an hunted from a boat all my life an the only thing certain about a boat, is the uncertinty. And when possible i fish upstream from the truck. jf
  17. wielms6

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    warrenton missouri
    hey willie sorryto hear of your run of bad luck think it may be time out with the old and in with something newer but we have all been there more than once it will get better if u keep trying anything that doesnt kill us makes us stronger bro good luck
  18. Arkie55

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    Anyone who ownes a boat will eventually have an issue like you have now. I don't care how good you maintain your engine it will eventually break down and have to have repairs. Anytime I have motor issues and make repairs, I always fish up stream until i know for sure the motor is reliable. Don't fret. That motor can be fixed and you'll be right back on the river chasing those cats up stream and down. Keep us posted and let us know what the shop finds.
  19. SkipEye

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    Winfield, MO
    Willie, you have just cost me a bunch of money.:angry:

    I didn't think too awful much about getting in a hurry to get that trolling motor because I just wouldn't use it that much.

    Now I wonder what I would do if disabled and a barge was coming, for instance.:crazy: Gary said he barely got out of the way of one once when his motor quit.

    Thanks Willie.:roll_eyes: If nothing else I want to be able to angle downstream and at least get out of the channel.

    Good luck with your motor.

    Is it only dying after it warms up? Maybe a coil going bad or something? Sorry, don't know anything about Outboards or what year model you have.

    Did you post anything on Bubba's Outboards Thread?

    FLOAT TRIP WILLIE Active Member

    St. Louis

    yep,, bubba got me up and running last time
    this time i found a screw loose on the carb. dont know if its getting to much gas or not anuff. one of my co-workers claims he know alot about the carb, cause i dont have a clue

    next time i'll put in at the old dam, and play around in them holes back in the calm water well it still has current but not as strong as the L/D