I found 'No Name' lures Locally!!!

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    (I also posted this on the NGP board)....

    I hope this isn't considered advertising, I don't know the guy, just been in his store a few times throughout my life. -

    I posted on here & another board, several months ago that I was looking for 'No Name' lures. Someone on this or the other board, got me in touch with the person that either makes or represents them in California, (I think). Anyways, I have been putting off ordering any because of the shipping & my laziness.

    Saturday, when I went to a local Hardware store called 'Lairds', on 16th & Locust in Omaha, for whatever reason, my father asked if they still carry them, and they do! He had about 15 left in one box & I bought all but the 2 that my father bought. BUT... He said he had about 40 more left in another box.

    I thought I would post this on here & the other board for those of you that remember them & were sorry they went away.

    I may even go back next week and pick up 10 more.

    For those of you that have never heard of this lure it is a very small white fly, tied to a very small lead weight, both of which have very small hooks. They are tied to 4lb test line. This lure has always been outstanding for bluegill, crappie & bass! If I remember the story right, it was designed by an oriental guy during WWII, while he was in an Internment camp here in the States. After he died, his son started making them & I believe the guy making them now is 3rd generation.

    If you really want a good lure, give it a try & post how you did.

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    Man, that is a long commute for me to Omaha...:lol:

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    st. marys, oh