I figured it out!!

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by catfishingRon, Sep 27, 2006.

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    How many times have you guys wanted something for hunting and you hear "can we afford that" from the wife. I know they mean well but come on. We work hard for our money and if we need a new bow thats on sale for $400-$500. we deserve it. Who cares if the arrows are $50 dozen or broad tips are $30 for a 3 pack. Damn it! We are men and we need these things! "Can we afford it" are 4 words I will never hear from my wife again.:haha:

    BOYS, I have figured it out. How we can get what we want and still make them (wifes) happy.
    Please read this carefully. All you have to do is........................ are you ready for this?
    Is buy them there own bow!:big_smile: I know some of you are saying "WHAT". "ARE YOU FREAKING CRAZY". Listen, I got my wife her bow this year and the only thing I have heard is "what else do we need sweety"? Man is it great. I got new arrows, another stand (for her hehehe) and alot of time at Gander Moutain. Its heaven.
    I know after one cold day in the woods I will be home free. She will not go out when its freezing and Im out on my own. I will suffer for a few weeks but Im getting what I want now. WOW AM I SMART!

    The only thing I wonder is "if I can afford this":baffle:
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    only a gutterman could have figured this out. only problem is when she quits going she will want to sell all the hunting things in the yard sale.......lol.

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    What makes you so sure she'll give it up?? Hmm?? About 25 yrs ago, my husband started "buying" me hunting stuff. Guess what? I'm still going! He's even bought me my own gun, & for gift occasions I get Bass Pro gift cards. I'm more into hunting than he is! So, just be ready to have a hunting partner for life! It could just backfire on ya!!:lol:
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    I consider my wife my best friend.I found long ago if I involve her in my hobbies(fishing and hunting)I get to go more often and we all have a good time.However hunting I have found is too much for her.I took her deer hunting once and it was too cold,too early,and too quiet for my wife.By 8am she was curled in a ball snorring:roll_eyes: .She is however much more appriciative of what it is I go through to go deer hunting.She also wants to make sure I'm safe ,warm and equipped.Shes a great wife,but a poor hunting buddy.:big_smile: I must say though up untill this year she usually outfished me.Marrage is what the two in it make it.
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    My wife won't hunt, she won't even watch a deer be shot on a video. She'll watch till the guy or gal draws their bow then looks off, if the hunter miss' the deer and I say so she will watch the replay. I wish she would hunt, but at least she will catfish a little,

    If I felt time with my wife was suffering I wouldn't have married her.