I feel no guilt...

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  1. Bill in SC

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    sitting in front of this computer while the river is at near flood stage. This morning was harrowing, to say the least. :) I do feel somewhat guilty having to work (blasphemy) for a few days to get more money, to buy more stuff to fish with. How can I let the waiting fishes down like this? I'm nearly shamed! OK! Who wants to fish when I get done working? My boat, my bait, your choice of landings from Cheraw to Blue's. Night or day, 24/7 'ceptin' when I'm at church on Sunday. Let's GO!! I'm fired up!!!!!!!!! Get off the computer and lets GO fishin'!!
    BB in Bennettsville
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    My buddy and I would love to join you one weekend there captain. Not sure if we would all fit in your boat. You say you can cary 1 other or 2 other small/medium guys. I'm a rather big boned fella weighing in around 235lbs and my buddy is around 200. Maybe one day we'll find a way. It be fun.