I Don't like Ike...

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by whisker maniac, Sep 8, 2008.

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    Was hoping Ike would go straight west and into mexico but it looks like it is going to turn and head toward tx and La. This will bring much more rain to our area.

    Was hoping for at least a little reprieve so the waters in the river would have time to recede enough for me to be able to get back into the old river bed next to the old dam for at least one more chance to fish it this season before I get too involved in deer hunting.

    I have plenty of days off for I work a 4 shift 12hr rotation schedule so if the water would go down enough for me to get in there I want just one more chance. Just one more chance please.

    Checked out this spot a couple months ago and fished it from the bank a couple times. Seen some real big fish rollin one morning early. Some were gar but others had forked tails that I saw. I'm not for certain what they were but am hoping that they are big blues. Havn't had a bite there the two times that I have tried but the fish seem to hang out on the far side of the river where I can't quite reach with my rod and reel from the bank. My next plan of action is to take my small lite 14ft jon down there that I only use a trolling motor on.

    I know the river is flooded and is covering the road going in and there is no way to get to the launch. The area is all low lands and woods going in so no chance of launching on the road and going thru the woods either. So I'm stuck waiting and now Ike is moving in to dump more rain.

    Oh well in my spare time I have gotten pleny of sinkers made. :sad2:
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    SE Texas
    We didn't even get a stiff breeze with the last one. Hope some of your excess water makes it into my river. Ike's headed right for me as of 4:00, but being a week away that will likely change.

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    Good luck and let us know how it goes.