I don't care I'm goin fishing

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    I told myself all week that this weekend I'm going fishing.
    I pondered all week as to where I was going to go. Oakland Mills is probably packed with people since our local Old Threshers Reunion is just about 10 days away. Lots of campers.
    I got stuck on sand bars on the Iowa a couple of weeks ago. The rivers was up but its back down again so thats probably not a good choice.
    So OK its the Mississippi. Dolby access.
    Whats that you say? A funeral? Saturday morning? And then...but I don't want to mow the yard.Ok I guess I'll go fishing Sunday.
    Sunday morning rolls around.
    Hey Hon do you want to go fishing with me?
    No Huh.
    Yeah I know its supposed to rain. I'll just check the radar and ...Oh crap! Supposed to rain off and on all day. Some of it looks severe.
    Hang around home. Keep checking the Radar...Pretty soon...Its 5 Oclock. Too late to drive 35 miles to put the boat in and its still supposed to rain.
    8:30 PM. Kids walk in. Been at the state fair. Chatter chatter chatter.
    Damn it I'm going fishing! I don't care if it rains a foot.
    Grab a couple of poles out of the boat. Some Sonnys and some Hog Wild.
    So now where to go?
    Oakland is probably packed.
    Stevenson park by the boat landing at Lowell might be worth a try.Wonder if that tree that fell in the water has floated down river...no such luck.
    Ok its Boilston bridge.
    Its nearly 9 PM.Dark out.
    Baited one pole with Sonnys. The other with Hog Wild.
    Boy what a day.
    Supposed to rain. Some severe. And then it didn't.
    Some lightning flashes to the north. Well I don't know what its called when your getting comfortably wet but it can't even be called a sprinkle.
    And then! The first pole , the white one, Hog Wild, bends nearly double , well maybe not that much. Got one on!!!
    Hey this guys got a little bit of weight to him.
    Its dark. Can't see the fish at all. Reel all the line in that I can and then its hand over hand bringing him up on the bridge platform.Probably 30 feet. Good thing its 30 pound test.Damned line is tangeling.
    Up and over the top.
    Now I really have a dillemma here.
    Should I tell the truth and say its 4 1/2 pounds or lie.
    So ok its a 7 pound flathead.
    Yep really a flathead on Hog Wild.
    Anyway I fished til midnight.
    Didn't even get another bite.
    It was a pretty good weekend after all.

    Have a good one
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    Wow what a weekend. I had one about the same with no fish. congrats on the flat!