I decided to test some more line today....

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    This is a continuation of another post about line. It was a nasty rainy day today, so I decided to take my wifes check book and go buy several different spools of line at Wal-Mart to test them for break strength like I did with some lines yesterday. $60 later (yes, I'm in the doghouse now), here are the results:

    Same criteria as before in the other post.

    4lb Stren Original--average break of 4lbs

    6lb Stren Original--average break of 5lbs

    10lb Stren Original--average break of 11lbs (both clear and clear blue)

    12lb Trilene Big Game--average break of 10lbs

    15lb Trilene Big Game--average break of 19lbs

    20lb Trilene Big game--average break of 18lbs

    14lb Silver Thread AN40--average of 12lbs (I really like the line, so I tried it again). Oh well.

    My little Shimano scale only goes up to 20lb readings, I'd guess that it bottoms out at about 25lbs. For the heavier line, I tied it to a 25lb barbell and tried to lift off the floor using the line looped around a piece of broom handle.

    30lb Bass Pro Excel--broke before the weight came off the floor

    30lb Trilene Big Game--lifted it off the floor, so it's got more than 25lb strength

    I guess that I need to get a bigger scale.....

    I should also note that not one of my knots slipped or broke during any of the tests.

    Anyway, once again, it seems to me that Stren is the consistent performer. I couldn't believe that the Big Game lines didn't even meet their ratings, except for the 15lb test. Guess which line is going back to Wal-Mart tomorrow?

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    I've read that a couple of times. Admittedly, they are just a bit more sophisticated in their testing equipment (LOL), but I figured that the lines would be closer to their results rather than undertesting, especially the Big Game. The cash isn't a problem, the Big Game is going back tomorrow. Only used about 5 feet off each spool. :wink:
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    Chris thanks for the posting results... Some times its the knots that you are using... i suck at knots and I am practicing.. but i read up on this kind of stuff and talk to a few people... sometimes the knots you use(even if the knot holds) has a lot to do with the breaking strength some knots "hold" better as they spread out the force others concentrate the weight at the knot so the knot may hold but it puts most of the "stress" weight on the line snapping it.... its all very scientifical stuff though....i did test Big Game 25lb as i bought spool of it last year towards the end of the fish season because i couldnt find my regular line... mine broke around 28lbs... i would keep it... its the old standby not for just catfishing but surf casting gurus.... that momoi had an impressive breaking strength i think some one was just asking about that... in a short order there alot of variable to take into consideration...Lol.. got long winded....:wink:
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    I was wondering if maybe the knots affected the test too. I may try it again by just wrapping the line around the vise instead using a knot, and doing the same with the scale and see what happens. Oh heck, I'll go and try it now. Not doing anything else, and my curiosity has been aroused now. :wink:
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    That was interesting thanks for sharing the info with us
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    Ok, a quick trip to the garage and
    a couple of feet of line later....

    I tried with the 12lb Big Game and the 14lb Silver Thread.

    Just wrapping the line around the jaws of the vise and then wrapping it around the hook of the scale produced average breaks almost identical to previous tests. I could tell that the line was slipping a couple of times as I pulled it, but I don't think that it really affected anything.

    Then I tried tying a surgeons loop in the end of the line for the vise, and then I tied the line to hook of the scale with a palomar knot. The Big Game still broke at less than 12lbs. The Silver Thread still broke at 12lbs.

    I decided that maybe the scale is off. So I grabbed a 7lb weight from the barbell and it weighed 7lbs on the scale. So did a 5lb weight. I call the scale good.

    Lastly, I tried to pick up 12lbs of weight with the 12lb Big Game. It failed every time.
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    Another note, I could definitely feel the Big Game's stretch, and the Stren somewhat as well. With the Silver Thread, I couldn't feel hardly any stretch at all. It was almost like pulling on wire, just increasing the tension on the line, then, suddenly it broke with a SNAP! So I guess the low stretch part is accurate anyway.
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    The big game does have a bit more stretch but i don't think its way more than most mono.. Try this wrap the line (12lb) around the barbel(no knots) then lift it see if breaks....We must be bored or crazy....:smile2:

    PS Sometimes the low stretch lines are stiff and wiry and dont cast as well... its like a trade of type of thing.. one line maybe more abrasion resistant but is stiff...
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    Ha ha, it's all in the name of truth and science for the BOC!!! :0a23:
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    Ok we will go with that....LOL...:wink:
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    hey angel when you tie your knots make sure you have a type of knot with a shock absorber, like the improved clinch, palomar, or snell. knots with one or more loops along the eye or hook shank spread out tension better and usually hold better.
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    Got ya... I bought a knot tying book recently but it sucks looks like it was writing in England.... no wonder it was on sale for a 1.50---
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    Thanks for the info brother. Now I know what line to start looking for.
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    This is the corrected easly read and understandable post ..could one of the mods delete the first post ?

    heres all the results... i figured this was an easy way for everyone to see

    Initial Dry Break Strength
    The actual breaking strength of 73 lines
    Aug 3, 2007

    Monfilament Lines

    Manufacturer Line Color Stated Strength
    Break Strength

    Ande Premium Monster Yellow 20 25.2
    Bass Pro Shops Bass Pro Shops Excel Clear Blue Fluorescent 20 ----- 23.9
    Berkley Big Game Solar Collector 20 ---------- 29.3
    Berkley Big Game Hi-Test Electric Green 20 ---------- 30.7
    Berkley Big Game IGFA Electric Blue 20 ----------- 18.6
    Berkley Big Game Supreme Clear Steel 20 --------- 36.5
    Berkley Trilene XL Clear/Blue 20 ------------- 25.9
    Berkley Trilene XT Clear 20 ------------ 31.1
    Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon (Fluoro) 20 -------------- 24.6
    Berkley Vanish Transition Clear/Crimson Red 20 ---------- 22.5
    Cortland Endurance Super Premium Orange 20 ------------ 26.8
    Hi-Seas Black Widow Camouflage 20-------------- 20.6
    Hi-Seas Grand Slam Pink 20 ---------- 28.1
    Hi-Seas Quattro Plus Camouflage 20 ---------- 26.9
    Hi-Seas Red Devil Hi-Vis Red 20 ------------ 29
    Hi-Seas White Lightning Fluorescent clear 20 --------------- 21.3
    izorline First String Marine Blue 20 ----------- 32.2
    izorline Platinum Hi-Vis Yellow 20 ---------- 31.7
    izorline XXX Super Co-Polymer Clear 20 ------------ 32.7
    Maxima Crystal Ivory Crystal Ivory 20----------- 22.7
    Maxima IGFA Class Line Tournament Silver 20 -------- 18.3
    Momoi Hi-Catch Fluorescent Yellow 20 ------------ 36.2
    Mustad Thor Green 20 ------------- 27.8
    Offshore Angler Tight Line Yellow 20 -------------- 22.9
    Penn Premium Pink 20 ------------- 23.9
    Penn Professional Hi-Vis Yellow 20 -------------- 31.1
    Platypus Classic Red 20 ------------------- 24.5
    Platypus Lo-Stretch Pink 20----------- 21.3
    Platypus Platinum Clear 20------------ 23.7
    Platypus Pre-Test Clear 20----------- 21.5
    Platypus Super-100 Clear 20 ------------ 19.9
    Pradco Silver Thread AN40 Silver 20 ------------ 25.5
    Pradco Silver Thread Excalibur Clear 20 ------------ 27.1
    Pradco Silver Thread Fluorocarbon (Fluoro) 20 ------------ 25.1
    Pradco Silver Thread Salt Water Green 20 --------------- 27.6
    Pradco Super Silver Thread Clear 20 ------------- 27.3
    Shakespeare Cajun Advantage Red 20 ------------- 29.8
    Shakespeare Cajun Red Cast Red 20------------ 24.6
    Shakespeare Cajun Red Lightnin' Red 20------------ 22.5
    SpiderWire Super Mono XXX Crystal Clear 20 ------------- 28.7
    Stren DuraTuf Clear 20 ----------- 31.4
    Stren High Impact Smoke Blue 20 ------------ 30.9
    Stren Original Hi-Vis Gold 20 ------------ 27.3
    Stren Super Knot Lo-Vis Green 20 ---- 26.5
    Sufix Elite Hi-Vis Yellow 20----- 27.4
    Sufix Key Lime IGFA Neon Lime 20----- 21.5
    Sufix Siege Neon Tangerine 20-------------- 31.2
    Sufix Tritanium Plus Chartreuse 20 --------- 29.3
    Triple Fish Armor Tough Clear 20---------- 26.1
    Triple Fish Camo-Escent (Perlon) Camouflage 20 --------- 28.4
    Triple Fish Fluorocarbon (Fluoro) 20 --------- 21.3
    Triple Fish Rx Spinning Clear 20 --------- 24.8
    Triple Fish Ultra Viz Perlon Four Fluorescent Colors 20 ------------ 25.2
    Triple Fish X-rated Green 20 --------- 22.4
    Yo-Zuri Hybrid (Fluoro/Mono) Smoke Purple 20 ----------- 31.1


    Braided Lines

    Manufacturer Line Color Stated Strength ----------

    ---------- Break Strength

    Ande Braid Yellow 20----------- 30.8

    Berkley Big Game Braid Cabo White 20 --------------- 37.5
    Berkley Fireline Crystal Crystal 20------------- 47.1
    Cortland Spectron White 20---------- 33.8
    Daiwa Saltiga Surf Yellow 20---------- 21.6
    izorline Brutally Strong White 20---------- 26.7
    Offshore Angler Magibraid Green 20 --------------- 27.8
    Platypus Super-Braid Yellow 20-------------- 37.5
    PowerPro Superline Yellow 20------------- 36
    Shakespeare Ugly Braid Green 20---------------- 26.4
    SpiderWire StealthMoss Green 20------------- 39.7
    SpiderWire Ultracast Hi-Vis Yellow 20 ------------ 51.6
    Stren Sinking BraidCamo Green 20-------- 21.6
    Stren Super Braid Hi-Vis Gold 20------------- 34.2
    Sufix Performance Braid Hi-Vis Yellow 20------------- 31.7
    Triple Fish Bully BraidMoss Green 20 ------------- 48.4
    Western Filament TUF-Line Salt and Pepper 20------------ 26.8
    Western Filament TUF-Line XP Yellow 20 ----------- 21.1

    Personaly I was really inpressed with the Berkley Big Game Supreme Clear Steel 20lb breaking at 36.5 lbs

    Mostly becayse with the exception of last season Ive always used berkley big game
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    put first name
    That's pretty surprising to me, too. I have tested Berkely Bug Gamne on a line/knot testing machine before and it has always (for a couple of different sizes) broken at right around 1.5 times the stated strength. 15 Big Game consistently broke around 22 pounds, etc.

    Maybe you got a bad batch from Walmart? Who know how old their line is or how it has been stored.
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    I think that a lot of most bracks are the knots.
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    I have caught some big fish on small lb. test lines over the years in fresh and salt water . I think it depends alot lot on how U have your drag set on your reel. Example a 32 lb. flat head on the Congree River in SC on 12 lb. big game trilene striper fishing in 2000. So get your drags right and it will help a hole lot.


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    any tips on how to properly set your drag? thanks in advance...