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I have field corn which is easy to get here in Indiana but most often I use floating artificial corn. I make my own hair rigs and prefer a spiral pack bait holder mostly because of the pack bait I make. I use the typical panko- strawberry jello mix but add a can of sweet corn and a can of white hominy. when packed into the spiral bait feeder, it lets the panko flake out and the hominy stays mostly within the spiral so some is kept where it is needed. If I want it to hold together a little longer, I add corn flakes or oats.

I do not add any water. I drain the liquid out of the cans and just add the drained corn into the dry mix. After about an hour, the moisture has spread thru it and it is ready to use.

what works well for me is to add the dry components into a 1 gallon plastic bag seal it and roll it around to mix. Then about an hour before I head out, I add the 2 15 oz cans of corn and again seal the bag and roll or shake it to mix.

hope this is useful for you.

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I ran across "boilies" some time ago, and since I found a bunch of appropriate stuff as I cleaned mom's kitchen, I mixed up a batch. I didn't have the right sort of end tackle though, so I just went and threw it in an inlet of the river that always has lots of carp, sucker and smaller cats. ALL of them boiled the water like piranha in a James Bond film!! I plan to try another batch sometime. All I really remember is that it had oatmeal, some miscellaneous grains and breads, and I stuck it all together with blackberry jello.
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