I can't believe it.....

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Stumpknocker2, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Stumpknocker2

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    NW FL
    I can't believe it...there are no tackle shops in this town. Yep thats right if you want something here it is go to wally world and hope they have it or drive 50 miles to the closest Bass Pro. I went out today to buy myself a new reel for the FCC and low and behold all I found was a little building selling med. shiners and red worms. Oh they had some terminal tackle....that was 100 years old, the clear bags it was in had turned yellow. lol. I am considering looking for a partner and opening a tackle store here. And cater to the catfishermen/women. If any one has any experience with opening one let me know some of the specifics.

    Just needed to rant, thanks for listening.
  2. Dave L

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    You may be on to something there. I have no knowledge of bait shop start up, though when you are done getting one going down there, come up here and get one going also.
    My nearest bait shop is 15 mi away in the opposite direction that I go to fish.:sad2:
    Maybe you could get a national chain going.

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    Man If I lived down that way I would have to sit down with ya and give that some serious thought!!
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    I ran one for several years but gave it up (gave it away). Started part time and stayed that way. To many hours, very little money. If you have a fat bank account you may have a chance and the Lord's Blessings on your side. Lots of fun in running one but very little fishing. Have a friend who was a bait wholesaler and had over 200 shops he took care of in IL, MO, and IA but 90 percent of those shops closed. He no longer is in the bait business. Not much money in tackle but there is in bait but most gas stations around here sell it and even wally world keeps increasing there bait line. Generally takes 2 or 3 years to get a following but you can't rely on just those. If you have the time and passion you might be able to make it. Some school teachers did by selling worms and now are the largest wholesale worm company in US, maybe the world. A man's got to do what a man's got to do. If you go for it I'm sure everyone here will be on your side. Great success on whatever you decide to do.
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    Bait shops or disappearing. They mostly be Mom and Pop stores and cant keep up with the bigger stores in price. Got a few around our lake but they dont sell a lot of tackle. Got some small tackle hanging on the wall. They do sale bait. Mostly worms, minnows.
    They be a convenient store type thing, grilling food for lake people. Place for old folks to sit around an talk etc. One I always stop at, they dont make much money and have changed owners several times in past 5 years.

    We did have a local Mom and Pop bait, tackle, hunting etc. store. What kept them going was offering not only all the fishing stuff and advice, also hunting stuff, guns, gun , rod and reel repairs, even taught hand gun classes ( CWL ) and hunter safety course. add all that and some type of grilling food and daily fishing/hunting reports. Also add a for sale bulletin board for customers to place adds for personal stuff they be selling. Might make ends meat.
    letting someone put up a for sale add in store is disappearing and people like that stuff.
    Also have an old fart bench outside so people can sit around Talking and lots of coffee. LOL.
    Might even add a freezer for processing deer etc.

    Just a few ideals that might work for ya.
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    Arnold, MO
    Ah, finally a job I can do. Where do I apply. Hey, do what your good at is what I alway say.