I believe I'm done catfishing for good.

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Montgomery, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Montgomery

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    well once again i didn't know where to put this thread .so here it goes. well feelas i give up i'm done . i have been catfishing for most my life. and the bottom line is i just dont have the luck to fish. or call it bad carma.either way i put in the work . the countless hours at the bank alone in the dark. the going on zero sleep just to wet the line. i eat breath and sleep for this sport. catfishing is my life. i do the same things everyone else does. but with no fish. i dont know if it is the smeel of chew on my fingers or what . but i have never really caught fish. besides carp. but anyway you guys dont know how hard it is for me to do this for real. but i am done !!!!! it has givin nothing back to me in 15 years. sure you all can say weell thats fishing . cant always catch fish. yeah but as little as i do which is never. its not worth the money or time . especially since i have no choice but to fish alone.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Mike Mike Mike! If I was there I'd womp ya in the back of the head! LOL! Don't know where ya fish or what ya use for bait but. Move! Try different areas. Hook up with someone here on the board that may be close by. Don't make me drive out there! LOL!

  3. catfishjohn

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    Greenup Co. KY
    I know exactly what you're saying.My problem is not catching many fish and my health not letting me go.Not long ago at all I was ready to sell all my stuff and retire. My health has knocked me out of fishing till probably at least May or June...Don't give up man! I'm not gonna give up no matter what happens.The more you get out on the water and the more you learn from people on here will greatly improve your chances of catching numbers and size! What part of Ohio you from? There are a lot of good people from there that would go fishin with you.I live right on the border of OH/KY,if you're anywhere close we'll hit the river later this summer.:cool2:

    DON'T GIVE UP!!!!!
  4. RiverKing

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    Yellow Spr
    I see you are from Ohio..Where are you fishing at?
  5. Gator

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    Ludowici GA
    Mike an old fisherman once said "I enjoy the time when I am not catching fish more than I do when I am. I get to think, hear more sounds, and enjoy the sights more then than I do when I am hauling in fish."

    Most of us fish because we enjoy the solitude and quite more than the fish weather we admit it or not. I only wish I could match some of the stories I have read on this site. But hey brother I still fish and would be honored to go with you one night if you were a little closer. If you ever make it down this way there is room in my boat and who knows maybe we will cancle out each others "bad luck".

    I keep telling folks that if I had a little bad luck I would think things were looking up.
  6. dademoss

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    Mike, Mike Mike,

    Roll on down here to cincinnati sometime, and we can sit on the bank and not catch the fish that live around here:lol:

    You an me intimidate the fish that's all. (no comments from the peanut gallery:tounge_out: )

    Heck, I'd settle for a carp, the first "fish" I caught this year was a water dog.
  7. FishMan

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    Are you telling me that some of these guys catch fish..........I am the worst catfisherman in Tennessee...........you can be the worst catfisherman in Ohio
    Now see, there a place in the BOC for us all.........LOL.........Don't give up.

  8. beakus

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    derby kansas
    horsepoop,you dont have anybody to fish with,what about the little guy in your pic?whose going to teach him?dont give up,its not about quiting,its about spending on the water,outside,with friends and family,telling lies and making up new ones.the fish are just a bonus.look at the bright side you dont have any fish to clean 2 hours after you get home at 2:00am.
  9. Biscuit

    Biscuit New Member

    dont give up man, i dont get alot of fish either, theres not alot of catfish around here, but i go , and if i do catch any i always turn mine back, if your ever near ky,tn or va , give me a holla, i love getting out of the house to fish, either way its better than work, and teach your son to fish and enjoy watching him catch fish, even if its just bluegills.....
  10. rebcatman

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    Manassas, Virginia

    Don't give up, find someone local to go with and maybe your luck will change.
  11. cumberlandcat

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    It has got to be your fingers man cause everyone is gonna catch a fish every now and then. There is many of days when I catch nothing in twleve hours.
    But I try a lot of places and try a lot of new rigs. Bait I always stick to fresh cut bait , I don't know but I was out your way I be hittin some of those bigger rivers.
  12. Rookie12

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    Kannapolis, NC
    I've diiped all my life and I catch fish. I don't think they care! I've caught 50 lb. blues before. I did get a shad scale in my mouth one time when I took a dip. That was a little bit gross!
  13. jerseycat9

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    Oakwood Georgia
    Oh Mike I could tell you some storys brother. When I had finally decided to give up most species and persue catfish I had no Idea what I was in for. I had spent three years getting skunked and catching every thing but catfish. I waded through mosquito infetsed swamps had bait robbed by critters in the night when I dosed off and on and on and on. But when I finally paid my dues and put together a hard to beat strategy and technique It was all worth it. Originally when I decided to catch catfish I thought throw something stinky out as far as I could into the lake LOL
    We all have ups and downs man. For instance I just moved out of state and its killing me that I cant locate fish any more. And you said 15 years it will probably take me that long to get my groove back in my new location. But youll never hear me give up(ya might hear me whining like a schoolgirl LOL) but never give up. heck if you could go out every time and catch 30+ pound fish all the bassers would be doin it too.
  14. Hope

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    No,no,no, Mike.. no quittin allowed. I don't catch much, but it's the fun in trying and just bein out there! Maybe you're puttin too much pressure on yourself... yeah, I think that's what it is. The cats can sense all that tension through the line. :roll_eyes: Sounds like a reasonable theory to me!

    Don't you dare give up! :lol:
  15. metalman

    metalman Well-Known Member

    So that's settled then Mike, no quitting for you...W
  16. Bigun

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    Burnet, TX
    In a previous life I was a engineer in the aerospace industry. Made good money but did not have time to do anything else. Before sunup I went into a Secured building where there were no visitors. The real status symbol was to have an office on the outside wall where there were windows. You could actually see outside to tell if the sun was up or if it was raining. You spend endless hours in meetings with maybe 40 people in the room. there might be 10 there that knew what they were doing. Among the others there was always a handfull of cigar smokers. The technical stuff was stimulating but life overall was no fun. Opportunity smiled on me and I got the chance to go into the water well drilling business. Enjoyed 32 years of that and sold out in 2003. Spent three months in Alaska and came home and been fishing as much as health will permit. For years I joked with my buddies about being like Jona from the bible, No one caught fish when they took me fishing. There are three things that I would like to point out.

    1. You got to fish where there are fish and they want to eat. One place I fish there are lots of catfish but there are so many shad they are hard to catch.

    2. I engoy catching bait as much or more than catfish because the action is so fast and there is not a lot of work to it.

    3. I think back to those smoke filled conference rooms and thank God for the clean air I am breathing and the beautiful outdoors that I have the time and ability to enjoy even if I am not catching fish.
  17. FlusherX

    FlusherX New Member

    I know better. It's not just fun but it's an addiction.
  18. StuBone278

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    south central Louisiana
    Great post Bigun....

    Indeed I NEVER catch catfish when I'm trying too hard. Although it takes a lot of effort and work to get the boat all set-up (100 yard walks to bring everything from the car to the boat, then mount the motor, load all other equipment, drag boat off the shore.. etc.)

    Last time I went out I caught one 3.5 pound channel cat, and it happened when I wasn't even expecting it. I was just lying down on the boat seat with my friend and we were looking at the clouds moving when the pole went crazy....That, my friend, is the beauty of catfishing. I can't tell you how many times I've gone out and just sat there waiting for the pole to bend, and went home with nothing....way too many times.

    Another thing, the biggest cat I've caught (avatar) was caught while not even thinking about catfish.

    I really have a feeling that they have a sense on when you're thinking about them, so try and relax without worrying about catching.

    You might also want to change up locations and always use fresh cutbait, as before.
  19. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    I've backed up to the river or lake many times, dropped the tailgate, threw some lines out and kicked back with a book or just people watched.
    Daring anything to to tug on my line.
    Catching isnt all there is to fishing.

    I burned out bass fishing once from doing the tournament thing.
    I was doing good but accomplishment wasnt cutting it.
    I wanted to take back control of my fishing instead of turning it over to someone.
    I quit the clubs, bought a cricket tube and an ultralight outfit and went bream fishing from the bank.
    I used this time to have some fun, relax and clear my head for a sport I love.
    Be willing to step and think out of the box.
    The only fishing pressure you have is the pressure you place on yourself.
    Relax, take a kid fishing. Keep it simple.
  20. ka_c4_boom

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    i wish i could say i know how you feel but i catch fish every time out , its my curse i guess :lol: may not be the one i want but thats life . you have to take the good with the bad , if not catching fish then quit trying so hard and just go to be taking yer youngun or a freind or even yer wife then sit back and watch them not catch fish or out fish you :lol: just be thankfull you dont rely on fish to survive . and keep coming back to the boc to tell people what not to do if they want to catch fish .

    maybe you need to get out with a brother from here to get that smell of an angler on you , heck pm me and come on down some time il bet we could find some cats some where in this great ohio river

    if not me theres several others on here that would be more than happy to take you out , im sure