i believe i have a problem

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    allright i am starting to notice that i am having a humidity problem ive notice some rust on my shotgun so i am thinking about buliding a box to put them in and then nra has a mini humidifier that i could but in it to control the humidity if youve got some feed back or an idea please tell me
  2. slabmaster

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    the best gun purchase i ever made was my gun safe. the second best was a can of desicant made for gun safes. every 3 months i put the desicant in the oven to remove the moisture then put it back in the safe.

  3. massa_jorge

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    the dessicant is the way to go. rather than pay for it, ask a shoe store or the shoe department at wallyworld for their silica packets when they stock shoes. they are trash to them, and most of the time they will give them to you for nothing. it is the same thing you pay for at the gun shop, and when it becomes amber colored, throw it on a cookie sheet in the oven till it clears up. you can do this an unlimited amount of times. both my gun safes have a tray in the bottom and a net bag ahnging in the door of this stuff, and it works great.