I am not a good friend sometimes....

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    Gray, GA
    Arron took me fishing with him last Monday and I forgot to publicly thank him for his time and instruction. He got me into this sport, and has been very patient with my very low learning curve. We met at his house, he took me to his guaranteed no skunk spot, showed me where to put the lines and was quite entertaining while we waited. We hung a small blue, a smaller blue or channel that had taken my line for a tour of the lake and the other lines, and a rather nice gar, that just hung on for dear life, while bassmassey tried to hoist him in. I bird nested the two reels I have and had forgotten my glasses. So bassmassey sat down and tried to untangle the mess, but like most things I do, I did it right LOLOLOLOL and the only solution was the nail clippers I brought in the tackle bag. Thank you Arron for a good time, maybe next time we can hit the river. :big_smile::big_smile::big_smile:

    By the way, anyone want to buy two baitcast reels, 1 ABU 6500C3 and one Quantum 1310MG. Currently spooled with 20 Cajun red line.lol (maybe):sad2::confused2::angry: Will trade for comparable spinning reels.
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    Hang it there, you will figure out those baitcasters yet. I am no expert, but I know the benefits of having them. Good luck and I am sure that "Thank you" was received even if unspoken

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    lol i dont blame you one bit brother for wanting a spining reel lol iv tried several bait casters thrue the years we just dont get along at all i hate hate hate theam give me a open face any day true thay may out throw mine but wile you are cleaning out the bird nest im still fishing lol :big_smile::cool2::crazy:

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    so what do ya want for em. i have them exact reels here. but not enough of em, lol only 10.:big_smile:
  5. Creteus

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    Loganville, GA
    Dont get rid of the bait casters. I'm in the process of getting rid of all my spinners. The only spinner thats good for fishing for big cats are bait runners. They are the only ones that have a clicker that comes in real handy when you have several poles in the water. A straight spinner will load up as soon as the fish hits and either pull the bait out of the fishes mouth or the fish could take your pole. So if you choose the spinner thats the way to go. Once you get use to a bait caster you'll be suprised how much further they cast than spinners, hence their name. I have a big saltwater trolling reel with an 80# class roller rod that I took down to oconee with Massey a few weeks ago and I almost lost it. I had my line in the water and the clicker was off. Something big hit the brem and almost took that heavy rig in the water. Bottom line I missed the fish and almost lost an expensive rig due to the clicker. This is just something to keep in mind when fishing for large cats.
  6. Mickey

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    Ronnie give it more time to learn the baitcasters. Once you have them mastered you would never want to fish without them. Keep the spool speed a little tighter until you get the hang of it. Any time you change weights you have to re tighten the spool speed. Try not to cast directly into the wind.Practice Practice Practice.
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    byron (macon area)georgia
    Wife and i still use spinning reels till we get better at cattin then we gonna step up to what you got so just hang in there we gonna be right behind ya...good luck to ya.. :0010:
  8. BassMassey

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    hang on to that baitcaster ronnie! when i got my first baitcaster, which was the same 6500, it took a while until i could throw it half-way decent. I mean it was bad. You were throwing it pretty good down at the spillway that one night. I think it was just the trees on the bank messing with ya, they'll do that until you get real comfortable throwing a casting rig. Try using the brake a lil more too....then once you get better you can back off the brake and let her fly. I was glad you could make it out the other night, I thought we had a pretty good time. That gar fooled me, I thought I had a good fish until i heard him walking on top of the water. We're still gonna go hit that river down south near dublin in the fall, there's some good fishing to be had down there, or we could check out the ocmulgee? and you better have your baitcaster with ya....lol
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    bait caster tip..
    hold the rod straight out and have nothing on the line except the weight. let the weight drop to the floor once the weight hits the floor if the spool keeps spinning it's too loose tighten it up and try again until the spool no longer spins when the weight hits the floor. Then practice casting this will help\prevent most of the backlashes. You will loose a little bit of casting distance this way but not much and you'll have less backlash problems. Once you change weights do it again, then once you're comfy using the bait caster you can loosen it up as much as you'd like, but while learning keep it tight and you spend more time fishing and less time re-lining. They are difficult at first but get much easier. Any way hope this helps and good luck!