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    But wanna come fish some Oklahoma rivers. I hear the arkanas is good. Where is a good place to go? I have a boat,but its a deep v,so I cant run too shallow. I live about an hour from hugo and durant,so gimme some suggestions.
  2. catman george

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    Fish Robert S Kerr Res. and the Arkansas River above and below Gore,Okla

  3. DHR

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    a good thing to know about kerr is it has many mine fields.......... big stumps (sticking out of the water and just under.. some just enough to get your prop), large floating logs (even in the barge channel), and of course a few places in the middle of the lake (yes literally) that are about 1-3' depending on water level.

    when you do come up and fish kerr make sure you stick to the navigational buoys while haulin across the water.

    a gps unit would help a lot....... especially if you have the maps with depth contours and channels.... and a depth finder is a must cause the water depth changes rapidly in some areas.

    you can get one of those hotspots maps at wal-marts, but they are vague and only give you a rough estimate....... believe me i have been in stump fields that werent on the map and have even seen stumps right at the surface of the water that were prob 3' across (not diameter) in 12' of water :crazy:

    just take her easy when venturing out of the barge route and you will be ok.

    not trying to scare you away just a friendly bit of advice from someone who has had a few close calls at 40+mph and ended up in anywhere from .25 to a mile into a stump field with bad weather ridin up our backsides and tryin to get out without punching a hole in the boat.

    what time of year you planning on fishing up here?
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    Shoot everyone I knew when I lived in Tulsa went to grand, ft. gibson, I'd say just stay east of 75. Theirs not much out west. I've got a passion for snagging spoonbill east of Tulsa. Last year I got a few, but nothing to write home about. Good Luck
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    If you're an hour from Durant, why not try Texoma for big Wintertime Blues? Kerr will be about 2.5 to 3 hours from Durant, depending on how fast you drive. Kerr is really more like fishing a lake than River, especially at the East side from about the NWR to the dam. And NRA is right-on about the hazards. Take it easy.