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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Gator, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Gator

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    Ludowici GA
    Ok I have received several PM’s asking if I was ok. I did not know I was missed that much, THANKS. I have not been on the site much. Yes I am ok just been a hard time of late as there have been 2 deaths in the family 1 was expected due to cancer and one due to a heart attack. I have a new grand daughter, my oldest son just returned from a deployment over seas in the middle east and my other son will be deploying there shortly only here has volunteered for a 3 year tour of duty there. There has also been a lot of stress at work with so issues that are still on going. So as you can see I have been under the gun for the last 2 months. Kind of makes it hard to get things done that I like to do as family issues have come up.

    I am not trying to ignore any one or the BOC but I have to get my affairs in order here first I hope ya’ll understand. I am working on rods as fast as I can and have some to ship out but due to family needs with the deaths of my wife’s uncle and then my uncle with the birth of a grand baby and not being able to she her until last week along with some issues at work which I am not allow to talk about I have been running ragged and for that I must apologize to every one here. Just seems that if I were to have a little bad luck I just might think things were looking up. Please bear with me as I have not forgot any of you nor could I.
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    Jim, sorry to hear about the run of bad. Handle your affairs first, I am sure everyone understands, and know that my family is praying for you and yours.

  3. dreamcatcher

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    Thanks for the update Jim. Hope everything works itself out in due time.

  4. TDawgNOk

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    Good to hear from you buddy. Its been a long time. Now, don't worry your lil head about things. You take care of what you need to do for your family and work. Just keep in touch and let us know you are doing alright every now and then. I'll be praying for your son, your new grandbaby, your wifes family and your family. If you ever need to talk to someone, you know I'm here for you. Email, Chatroom, or phone. Whatever you need!!
  5. sal_jr

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    Ithaca, MI
    Well you know where your friends are and where our hearts sit with respect to you and your situation, Gator. You have my support for sure.

    You need anything let us know and if it is possible we will do it.

    Take care brother.:wink:
  6. pk_powell

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    Life can be really tough at times! Hang in there and know that we care about ya! Sorry to hear of the passing of family members,glad to hear of new addition to the family.Take your time,and know that it will all work out eventually.Until then you have my prayers--------------pk powell:big_smile:
  7. jeremiad

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    I, too, will keep you in my prayers. Tell the young servicemen that we are both proud and indebted to them for their service to our country.
  8. zappaf19

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    Good to hear from you! Sounds like you have a plate full. Hang in there.
  9. teaysvalleyguy

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    GC, OHIO
    Gator really good to get your PM this morning and see this post.

    Sorry to hear about the bad run as of late, hope you can find some time for yourself. Wow, that is alot to bear all at once.

    Congrats on the new granddaughter, I am sure you are a proud PawPaw.

    Congrats on your oldest comeing home and I am sure you're stressed about the youngest going overseas. Prayers are sent for him.

    Hope work slows down so you got time to breath brother, the National will be a great getaway for ya.

    See ya soon bro, Tea.
  10. jdstraka

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    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    Jim sorry to hear about all the run of bad luck. i know first hand about deaths in the Family, and then to top it all off with a new grandbaby the job sisuation and then one son comming home and the youngest just going, Man thats almost to Much. you hang in there my Friend. I could help you Build some rods but i'm afaird that the folks would all want there Money back.LOL. So I will just rember You and your family in my prayers daily. Your friend and brother from Iowa. J.D.Straka
  11. Gator

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    Ludowici GA
    Thanks all I will be ok just need to stop and catch my breath and start over. Maybe this weekend I will get to slow down but I still have a couple of rods to get finished befor the national.
  12. catcam

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    Hi Gator. Sorry to hear the bad news but congrats on the new grand daughter! :smile2: Do you remember where we went fishing, Lake Oconee? Well I'm moving to Atlanta and moving my boat there. So next time we go I'll have mastered the waters there. Now that I'm going to be freshwater bound, I'll have to get a new rig. I'll let you get caught up and catch your breath though! I know in time things will get better and maybe some lake fishing will do you good! My thoughts are with you. Take care.
  13. peewee williams

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    Hang in there.I feel for you.My heart is with you.I don;t worry about you as I know that you can and will handle what ever comes up.I do feel bad that it is not all going well.I am here if you can think of anything that I can do.You are my brother.peewee-williams
  14. jim

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    Jacksonville NC
    Jim sorry to see an old soldier having a rough go of it.I am amazed however at the paralells our lives are taking.My ex mother-in-law died easter Sat and of course she is my two sons grandmother and a great women in any case then my father died on May 8th.He was a veteran (Army) of North Africa,Sicily, Italy and Korea.He was interred at Arlington Mem Day fittingly enough.My YOUNGEST son just returned from two years in Korea and he and his wife are expecting a Grand daughter in about 3-4 weeks.I of course work for the USMC and we are ramping up for deployment back in theater shortly.I don't consider any of it bad luck just the normal course of life we all have to deal with which doesn't make it any easier.I see my fathers passing as off set by my grand daughters arrival which is just the way he would see it.I know as PeeWee said you will deal with it ,we just want you to know we are here for you and a little fishing is the best theraphy I know for what ever ails you.Go wet a line when it gets to much because I assure you the world will be here when you get back,but you will feel a lot better.:smile2:
  15. minnies_moocher

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    Coldspring, Texas
    Jim , Welcome back to land of the BOC. Sorry to hear about all that has been going on in your life. Some good and some bad. Just remember that we are here for you brother and will help out any way we can. Hang in there. You will be in my prayers.
  16. SeedTick

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    Conway Arkansas
    It's good to see ya Jim. Sorry for the troubles but happy about the good stuff. We will be here when you get caught up. God bless you and yours.

  17. SilverCross

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    Fairbury, Illin
    Hang in Gator, prayers are with you.
  18. Cheryl

    Cheryl Well-Known Member


    My condolences on your losses, but congratulations on your new addition!

    Life can keep us running ragged. I hope you get that much needed breather soon!

    Take care.
  19. Dano

    Dano New Member

    Jim , I understand . I figured you had business to take care of. Thats part of life. Glad to see your OK. I have thought about you and put you and your family in our prayers. I didn't bug ya on the emails cause thats not me. You have been there for BOC members and I'll never forget that. Sorry for the bad news and Happy for the good news. Tell your Sons , Thanks for the job well done. Grandkids are great but wear ya out. LOL.
    Take your time, enjoy and do what you got a do. Like me, I'm set up so someone will tell BOC if I'm in the red. We all get under the gun and got things to tend too. Thats why members support with a star. So BOC will always be here.
    You take care, best to you and yours.
    GodBless you and your Family. and Thank you for all your past support.
  20. r ward

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    Kathleen G
    Jim you know me and you know how I feel about our friendship you got my cell number call if you need to I ain.t to far you know I'll get there