I am about to give up.

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by barbel, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. barbel

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    Well, for the past year and a half I have been trying to catch a flathead (of any size) and have this far failed in catching one. I am on the verge of just forgetting about them and going after channel cats or (gasp) bass LOL. I use live bait on a slip sinker rig just like everyone else that I know of around here doing and I have still failed to catch one, and I know they are where I fish. Maybe I am messing something up, I dont know. I just felt like sharing my predicament with my BOC brethren.
  2. countrycat15

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    dont give up man.it takes a little more paitents. cause those flatties are smarter then we think.a 60lb flat is a very old fish,and why do u think he lived so long?cause hes a d*** smart fish.lol.but any way dont give up youll catch one, it just might take a little more time.im still workin on my first flattie.well any way i hope this post has been of some help to u.:cool2:

  3. dougc

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    Read all my posts about not catching fish. Maybe that will cheer you up! The key is being out there, so don't give up. Just put your time in and try and do the right things!
  4. dreamer34

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    danville virginia
    shoot man...i have never cought a flathead neither but that don't mean i'm gonna give up on it.....if it was easy i'd get bored...right now they have outsmarted me time and time again but i know that one day i'll be the smarter one
  5. tigger_tat_55

    tigger_tat_55 Member

    dont give up!!!

    it took me two long years of gettin skunked. then i got one!! it was great.
    the info that i got from the BOC is what got me into the first one.

    stick with it.
  6. Gone fishin 4 kittys

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    Pittsburgh, PA

    I didn't catch to many flathead last year. But over the winter I studied up on them i soaked everything up. I got me bluegill and bait tanks.

    I know you guys must have some good water around you. You guys hold the World Record. And I have seen some other monsters from your neck of the woods.

    They seem to be coming easy this yeat for us around PA. I hit my personal best back on sunday 12lbs.

    Theres alot of different things you can do and rigs you can try. Maybe try using a slip bober.

    I don't know where you fish but maybe it's not a good flathead lake. Maybe you should try switching it up. I know that might be hard to do because where only kids but some lakes don't give up flatheads easily.

    If you just wana go for channels thats fine Bass are OK in my book to. Just don't fish them tourneys.

  7. RiverKing

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    Yellow Spr
    Think of it this way brother...If you give up, you will never catch one...What type of water are you fishing, where are you fishing
  8. jdstraka

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    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    Man Don't give up! Them Flats are SMART They diden"t Get big By being STUPID even the smaller ones arn"t DUMB Went out today put a 12IN. chub on one line and a 10in. Goldfishs on the other line The one with the goldfish was really moving but no run on the bait clicker never went off so I just let it be When I pulled of the lake the goldfish was Gone don"t know what took it but thats fishing. If we Would catch Flats every time we went out the Fun would be all Gone, Hang in there Man Your Time will Come Trust Me It will Happen.J.D.Straka :big_smile:
  9. brad kilpatrick

    brad kilpatrick New Member

    Kansas City
    Where are You targeting the flatheads at?????
  10. slimcat

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    marion kentucky
    Man, don't give up. I spend more time not catching flatheads than catching flatheads. Have the patience and keep your head up. The main thing to remember always, is to fish where the fish are. I don't know where you are from in Kansas but that state has the BIGGEST flatheads anywhere. Try the Kaw, or any of the bigger lakes. GO to the kansas board and read about catching flatheads and always remember to CPR!!!
  11. MRR

    MRR New Member

    Don't never give up man,trying to catch the Whiley falthead what makes the challange. If it was easy it wouldn't be no fun. People think fishing is easy (it's not) a lot of work envolved and a whole lot of disapointing days and nights.Just don't never give up.HANG IN THERE BROTHER your day will come.
  12. Ahquabi_Master

    Ahquabi_Master New Member

    WDM Iowa
    theres no sense in giving up if you've come this far-gaining this much experience. take what you have learned plus what the brothers are teaching and keep going. try different spots and baits - you can fish for channel while fishing for flatts at the same time on the same pole too!
  13. Georgiajack

    Georgiajack New Member

    If the holes you are trying are not producing, keep moving, sooner, or later, you'll find a hole with a hungry flat or two. If you give up, the fish wins. Good luck, Jack.
  14. barbel

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    Thanks for all the inspiration guys. I came into it knowing that the flathead would be a hard fish to catch, I just didnt know it would be this hard LOL. And believe me, I have spent many a night without a fish at all. I guess I will just have to keep letting that pole sit out there. I do feel better about it now hearing about all the other stuff that everyone had to go through to get one. This is why I love the BOC :smile:

    Jack: You are right. I hate it when I lose. That flathead is going down one of these days. I refuse to let it win.
  15. Redd

    Redd New Member

    Southeast Kansas
    hit them nasty log jams in atleast three foot of water, bud. And just remember, NEVER GIVE UP AND NEVER SURRENDER!!!!!! Mr. flattie will bite your hook in no time!

  16. Memphis_Catfish_King

    Memphis_Catfish_King New Member


    don't give up brother iv bin catfishn better of 10 years now and just got my 1st flat..try fishing 1 pole for flats and rest of Ur poles for channels and blues..mix it up a lil..
  17. catfishkatmando

    catfishkatmando New Member

    Salem, WV.
    Barbel any time I don't get some thing right I look at it like I am missing some thing just not getting it right. There are a lot of things to put together to get a flathead on the bank. Heck you may already had one on and it got of se you are half way there. Think of how much fun it's going to be if you are ready for him. If you are use lighter rigs fishing for channels hes goiang to break you heart and your rig HANG IN THERE MAN
  18. retired stump jumper

    retired stump jumper New Member

    Son I have been fishing for flats more years than a lot of you youmgeaters all put together I have fished for them for over 70 years & I have yet to catch flats every time I go I have been skunked more times in Than you are months old. So do not give up your time will come. I f you are bank fishing I have found a good place to fish for them is off the end of sa boat ramp at nite but do not block the ramp thats against the law. I set beside the ramp & use a 3 to 4 in. bobber flouresnt type. If you fish from a boat fish in the creek channel, if there is a place where a bridge was across the creek they probley left the bridge so fish the edgeof it. If there is som old car bodys sunk in the lake fish around them fish the ditches along a road bed. Some where in that mess you will find a flat. If there is a flat in that lake you will catch it
  19. IL Hunter

    IL Hunter New Member

    Normal, IL
    Flatheads are hard to come by. No point in giving up though...Maybe set up another rod with come cut bait and try to catch some channels. Rather see that than you turning into a bass fisherman.
  20. loki1982

    loki1982 New Member

    In about 20 years of fishing(aleast 15 for catfish), ive never caught a flathead on rod and reel. Ive caught 1 on a jug a few months back, and ive been with my uncle when he's caught them on his gear. Flatheads are very paticular. Some areas are better suited for them, and they act different than other cats. Your best bet is take a few extra rods(check your laws) set 1 out with a live perch, the rest with your channel/blue baits. Catch channels all night and just hope a flathead comes by and grabs your perch. This way you dont get skunked, and you have a good time.

    To me it seems flatheads are most predictable in rivers, so if your fishing lakes that might part of the reason.

    In other news, I was about ready to give up catfishing last year. I hadnt caught a fish over a few pounds in months. Then about the last week I was planning on going out for awhile I got a 32.5# bluecat. Then 2 weeks later we got another 24#er.