I 40 Bridge on the Catawba

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    I recall on several occasions of seeing a large group of rocks or a large boulder just downriver of the I 40 bridge on Lake Norman. Maybe a couple hundred feet below the bridge? It seemed to be closer to the west bank of the river? Anyone know for sure or could there possibly be more than one there? I know on low water periods/clear water it is easily visible from the bridge when driving over. Thanks for any info.
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    Those rocks actually run closer to the East side of the river. If you are running a boat up the river you will need to get all the way over to the west side of the river and you can run all the way up and under the I40 bridge. There is about two to three boat widths of room to run through the channel, need to be on the west side at the end of the cow pasture. You will be able to idle up through there even if the water is low to find the channel. Hope this helps....