Hydrofoils ... on a jet drive?

Discussion in 'Boating' started by Rollinunknown, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. Rollinunknown

    Rollinunknown New Member Supporting Member

    Anyone have one on a jet drive setup will they even help ?

    I will be carring a lot of gear coolers ect... for 100 bucks you can get a nice one and i thought it would be a decent add on.But i dont know if they work with boats with no prop ?

    the boat is laid out carpet has a full top all kinda junk 3 anchors ect..

    its a 97 17ft Roughneck flat bottom with a simi v front. 45hp Evinrude .

    im not worried about speed i just wanna plane decent and ride smooth with gear on the rig.
  2. Steven Armstrong

    Steven Armstrong New Member

    a whales tail will help a little, what size motor is your roughneck rated for? we run a 19' roughneck with a 70 hp johnson, the boat is rated for a 90hp , our boat needs the 90hp, yours may need the rated motor as well