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    One of the guys on here is selling one of these and got me to doing some reserch and I need some real world input...:confused2: I like the sound of the prop but im a little shaky on wich one I need...

    Ok my factory prop is killing me, and im looking at a Hustler replacement prop, I want more whole shot and a little on the top end would be a bonus,, Right now im running the factory merc prop, 10-16 at 5100 rpm's WOT and the boat can barly pull itself up on plain, and im looking to get the H1-1014 , oh,and its a 50 elpto Merc on a 1753 Aluminum Triton well loaded..the prop wizard says I should go even lower to a 13 "performance" or a 11 for "utility" but that sounds to me like its to low,, Max rpms if I remeber right is 5200-5600 rpm's,,, I know the cup will slow it down over the stock but the lower pitch will speed it up, so thats why I think the 14 would be a good replacement brings me up to "my gess" about 5500rpms... :big_smile:

    Just wondering if any of you guys has been throught this can give a little advice, or are a Prop Guru that can help with some info,,,

    Thanks for the help.. :wink:

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    Any chance on moving some weight up front some .... gas tank, battery?