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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by alands94, May 5, 2007.

  1. alands94

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    Does anyone have one of these? I am seriously looking at the Husqvarna 20 hp 42 in. Deck Yard Tractor. I know it may be a little overkill for my yard (a little over 1/2 acre), but Consumer Reports rates them well and I've heard nothing but good things. Any comments/suggestions?
  2. Mark J

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    I think you'll find there aint much difference if any at all except color between the home owner lawn mowers. MTD makes most of them these days I think. I havent crawled under any of them but I'd be willing to bet the frame on most of these mowers are identical.
    Stamped steel frames and decks that dont hold up very well especially if time is not taken to scrape the grass from the underside EVERY time you use it.
    Even the lesser John Deere mowers arent John Deere anymore. They are just John Deere green and yellow.

    My recomendation, is if your yard is small you'll be ok with the homeowner line of mowers with clock work maintenance.
    If you are cutting an acre and half or more get something in the commercial line. If you cant swing new shop used.

    I cut grass and have been since I was 7 or 8 on the same mower.
    It a 3 wheeled Yazoo pushing a 5 foot deck. I'm 39 years old and its older then I am. Same engine. Wisconsin air cooled behemoth with a whopping 12.5 horse motor.
    Its had its problems with a hub replacement here and there, belts, bearings and bushings but I expect that out of a 40+ year old mower that is tasked to cutting acres of grass weekly.
    Dad just got hold of another one just like it for a parter.

    There is a whole lot of difference in construction of a commercial vs. home owner mower. The deck alone on mine weighs over 250 pounds. Thats why its still around:lol:
    It also makes more time to fish. I pound out 2 acres of grass in 45 minutes on the oldy goldy.

  3. loop

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    Husq are now owned by Sears they carry a 10 gage metal deck as verse to most all others a 12 gage. Contray to popular opion, it and John Deere are NOT made by MTD. Huskie,Yardman,Yardmachine,Bolens,Troy Bilt,Cub Cadet and several others are made by MTD.Some of the Husq carry a Briggs some a Kohler Couage which in the long run engine performance is about the same. The Key to any mower is getting the one that is right for the job and not over or under kill. Regular maintaince is a must if you want your mower to last. Husq is a good mower, a little better than the MTD products IMO
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    i have a husqvarna LTH130. bought it a couple of years ago from my church when they realized they needed a bigger one. it was 6 years old then. i did a little steering work, replaced the blades, and i do tune and oil changes every spring. it is an excellent mower. probably a little more than i need as my yard is about 1/3 acre.

    it is MUCH better than an mtd. i don't know how the new ones are, but if mine is any indication of their quality today then i say go for it