Huntsman Lake 7-29

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    I went out to Huntsman Lake, which is nearby Burke Lake, on Tuesday. Chicken livers didn't seem to produce anything nearby the dam at 7 PM, so I switched to an artificial and caught an eight inch largemouth within three casts. The lake was stocked twice last year, so I'm fairly certain there are still channels in there. Has anyone tried Burke Lake recently?
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    as much as i hate to use it or endorse it try stink bait in those stocked ponds/lakes...when i don't have enough time to get on a lake i will go to some small ponds around my house and catch channels...when they don't bite livers or crawlers they will bite stink the "premo" brand at has a yellow label and works better than any i have found.

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    I've only fished Huntsman Lake once and did not catch a thing. You are right, since they do stock it with channels, there should be plenty. It does not appear the lake gets much fishing pressure. I also agree that stink bait should do the trick if chicken livers are not catching fish. Also, you might want to think about keeping the bait off the bottom if the lake has turned over.