hunting TN, wrong place?

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    For those that like hunting in the area, thought I'd report.
    I left Nashville headed east to I-840 south. About 5 miles south, I spotted 6 birds about 200 yards to the west. When I got passed the speedway headed east I spotted another 6 birds about 100 yards to the south. I drove to 231 and turned north to simmons bluff. I drove 5 1/2 miles to visite friends. Where the power lines cross, I had 2 birds to take flight headed south. On the return trip, I took 840 to Stewarts Ferry and headed west. Between the hiway and first house on right were 8 birds 50 yards off the road. About 1 mile west of Gladesville there were 6 birds about 100 yards to the south. I drove north on 109 to Central Pike, turned west. About 1/2 mile, 6 birds about 100 yards to the south. crossed I-40 and drove about 3 miles before seeing another 6 birds 75 yards to the north.
    I'm guessing this is all private land. Hard to get a land use permit from owners.
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    Thats the way they are here also. Plenty of turkey. The feathered kind and non-feathered one also.