Hunting Report for Bass Pro Shop in Concord. NC

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by Ghost River, Jan 23, 2008.

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    I absolutely ripped this another forum but it was too funny not to share. It was written by GHnconcord on the Duck Hunters Refuge website.

    I pulled into the parking lot on Monday at 4:00 am....drug the decoys across the parking lot. Dang asphalt tore a whole in my bag. Anyway...we got the decoys out (set out canvasbacks, bluebills, gadwalls and some confidence coots) by 4:45. We tried to back the boat into the pond to use the blind but found the hill to steep, so instead we pulled out a ground blind. We cooked sausage and egg sammiches for breakfast.
    Well, by 6:55 we were ready for the birds. Nothing really started moving till about 7:15...We saw over the top of Black Lion a lone bluebill drake.....he was eyeing our decoys and I think we'd of bagged him too if it hadn't been for that danged red mustang's loud exhaust that flared him. Well we were getting discouraged thinking maybe the birds didn't' come to this place like we thought till we noticed a lot of those white SUV's with the little orange blinking lights coming our way.....I knew in NC there has to be someone else that hunts this hole.
    Well in typical NC fashion these two old guys come up and start telling us how we couldn't hunt here.....I tell him that we were at this spot first and that there was another pond around the need in trying to run us off.....we hadn't even seen many birds. He goes on and on about how we shouldn't be there.....I finally told him where to stick it and that we were going to hunt this spot and he could have it after we left. He didn't take to kindly to that.
    After he left my partner manage to squeeze off a couple of shots at some mallards that we hadn't noticed before swimming in the pond..but they were a little far off. But that shot stirred up a whole bunch of other people wanting to know why we were hunting this, this must be a good honey hole...but danged if I wanna deal with all these other people who must hunt here. By 9:30 we realized that the Canvasback we heard about wasn't gonna be there that morning so we just bagged up the decoys and headed back home.
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    Thanks,That sounds a lil bit redneck ta me :smile2:

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    China Grove, NC
    I live about 20 mins from BPS and I've heard a bunch of stories about this lone can sitting on the pond. I'm really surprised someone hasn't actually went down there and shot it.