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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by FishMan, Aug 19, 2006.

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    Is there good public land for deer hunting ? When people say public land what does that mean ? Would state park land be open for hunting. How would a guy go about finding public land for hunting and if it is public would there really be any deer to hunt.

    Is it legal to hunt land that is not marked, in other words can a guy just drive out into the country and find someplace that looks good and hunt if it is not marked or is trespassing implied.

    I here about deer leases nowdays, How would a guy find something like that and being I haven't hunted for 15 years how would I know a fair price.

    If you buy into a lease are you expected to work the land.

    So many questions, A little help here please.....well.....ok a lot of help please.
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    Salem, WV.
    Danny most of the public land here in WV can be found on the DNR web site It consist of National and state forest, Wildlife management areas and Coal and lumber company land I hunt fish and camp on a WMA about 39 minutes from my house.

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    There are public lands aroun here that are exelent hunting. Just call your local game warden or pick up a hunting guide at wally world or your local pro shop, they should have listed all the public hunting in your area.
    As for hunting on non posted property, it is illeagal here you must obtain oral or written permission from the land owner or the farmer who tends the land.
    Leases are hard to find sometimes, but ask local farmer or land owners and you might luck up on something. I'm not too sure what the going rate is for a lease but I have heard any where from $4 an acre to $8 an acre per year. Hope this helps.
    Another tip on public land.... the harder it is to get too the better the hunting, most people hunt in a convienent location, close to the truck a little walking and scouting might pay big dividends.
    Good luck
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    This link will give you Wildlife management area info in Tn

    Go to catfishing information by state, click on your state and at the bottom you will find a thread listing state agency's that might help.