Hunt for Jordan lakes BIG catfish

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  1. King Cat Killer

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    We know they are out there, just seem t be hard to find. Jordan Lake is a hard lake to read for catfish, quite a big body of water with aot of things effecting the fishing there.

    Were gona drop off at the dam tonight, even try to sneak a peek around the lake side of the dam too, let yall know what happens. Smart suckers out there , but we are smarter!!:cool2:
  2. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    Alot of folks will tell you that Jordan doesn't have flats or blues.
    They are partially correct.
    There aint enough there to spend alot of time there trying to find them.
    However, the largest flathead I've ever tied into was on Jordan about 10 years ago. Still have the shank of the 5/0 hook he wrung off on the shank.Got him up and about 20 feet of the bank when he went to rolling typical flathead style.

    On jordan I'd be going after the large channels with shad.

    Jordan and Falls lake are on the bottom of my list for a trophy catfish destination. I can boat a helluva lot of catfish on Jordan daytime or night time but it's not trophy fishing by any stretch of the imagination.

  3. Mako

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    Ive caught a couple channels there but thats bout it.....:cool2:
  4. Will i am

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    I've caught a couple of nice Blues in the 30 to 40 lb range out of there back in Febuary fishing the old loggings rd that run through the lake, The rd. I took these from runs right along 64 bridge. If you launch and go under the bridge and look left as soon as you exit you'l see a clearing up in the woods and using a depth finder and sense of direction go straight out from the bridge and try to get inline with that old rd. u'll see it on the depth finder it'll be a spot about 20ft wide and about 6 ft deeper than the lake floor. This area is also hot for crappie!