hummingbird Matrix 47

Discussion in 'Fishing Electronics Review' started by riverbud55, Dec 12, 2005.

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    Hey there folks just bought a older 24' tracker party(soon to be catfishing)barge going to put fish finder on it and was thinkin about the hummingbird Matrix 47 has anybody used one and if so how do you like it, any info on it would be a help, thanks
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    I have the 47 3D and it's not all it's cracked up to be. Especially for the price. I bought it mainly for the 3D capability, which honestly does work well for looking at the bottom contour, finding ledges, holes, etc. I have the GPS and WeatherSense add on as well, and I haven't found either of them really useful either. The GPS is great for finding spots on large bodies of water, and since I fish the lower Chesapeake Bay a lot, it does come in handy there, but as far as river fishing I keep all my honey holes in my head, so I don't need it there. The WeatherSense tells you about the barometric pressure and does trending, so in that respect some might find it useful, but I never use it. Personally, I plan to replace my unit with a Garmin color unit and plan on using an Airmar replacement transducer. Some guys swear they're able to track things as small as a jig with that setup. Overall, if you're just going to use it as a depth finder and for indentifying bottom contours, it's does that well, but I think there are better options out there that will provide better results. The 3D functionality is nice, but definitely not a must have.