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Discussion in 'Fish Finder Review and Study' started by catchaser1, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. catchaser1

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    Anderson S.C.
    I have a eagle fish mark 320 and I am looking for something a little better, for around 200 to 250 dollars, how is the hummingbird 565 unit? I noticed it has a little more peak to peak power and a little different transducer.
  2. Grumper

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    Crystal City MO
    I had a 565 on my last boat. If you're not looking for a GPS unit, this is a great buy. I believe it is 320x640 pixels. I don't think you'll find a black and white unit for the money that will come close to the clarity and features of the 565. I did end up selling mine though, and getting a lowrance. My lowrance's resolution dosen't even compare to the 565 as far as clarity though, but I went with it anyway because of it's zoom feature.:wink:

  3. Big Dav

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    I have a 565 on our deck boat. Simple to use and quality for the money. I have only used it about a dozen or so times but I have been satisfied with the purchase.
  4. bigBB

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    i am having my wife get me one of these for Christmas. Of course i haven't used it, since i don't have it yet. But from the research i did, it sure seams like this is the about the best you can get for the price range. I went and looked at one and talked to the "expert" at bass pro and this is the unit he said he would go with. good luck.
  5. martygreen

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    i have one on the back of my pontoon,it is a fairly good unit,have had it for about 2 years now,no real trouble to speak out of it until this past weekend,the unit works fine but i noticed the sreen was difficult to read the depth of the fish,i dont know what is up with that,i tried adjusting the contrast and such to no avail,will check it out again this weekend and see of it is still doing it,i take it off the boat after each use,so its not exposed to much weather,i bit the bullit and bought me the garmin 398c combo unit a while back and mounted it on the console and moved the 565 to the rear
  6. dominoman

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    Dale, Texa
    I bought the 565 and first few times out learning how to use it, I was pleased. 2 weeks ago, went out to the lake, put it on the boat, it had condensation on the inside of the screen, couldn't hardly read it. It back at Hummingbird, seeing if it had a bad seal or what caused the problem. Have to reserve final judgement until it gets back and I can try it again.
  7. katcatchingfool

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    i had the same problem ....condensation on the inside of the screen i took it back to Bass Pro no ?s asked returned it and got another one the new one does not have a condensation problem but it does have a larger transducer that plows the water when i called Hummingbird about the problem they said to raise the transducer then i explained i lose the bottom and get a very inaccurate reading when i plain out she said i have to lower the transducer:eek:oooh::eek:oooh::eek:oooh: how do i do both i think i would rather plow the water with the transducer than lose the bottom.... but I'm afraid if i lower to much i might run over something and lose the transducer can anyone help me:eek:oooh::eek:oooh::eek:oooh: i think if i could do it again i would look for a different unit just my 2 cents hope i could help i dint want anyone having the same headaches...