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    Clovis Cali
    Hooked up with Scott Friday and went out to the slough. A family of Laotians was out there and they had some lil fish. I sat out there and drank a beer with em a bit and they were really nice folks! Helping us launch the boat and all. I promised them a nice cat:wink: Got over to the other side the bite was RED HOT! First cat was small, 3# and all 3 pole of mine were bent:smile2: Had to pick which one:confused2: I ran over to the pole in the canal. The holder was a cheapo so didn't trust it and it was holding my penn on my 7 ft ugly stick.:eek:oooh: Fat cat played me a bit, clicker has still engaged and it startd to sound like my old army machine gun when I was a kid. Disengaged and set the hook. Boy them cats love Danny Kings! Took 50 yards of my line and this canal is narrow. 15 min later my 25 lb big game leader broke:sad2: I was CRUSHED! Man the cat had came up several times, it would beat my Mendota best of 16#. OK, I turned around to see my 9 ft ugly stick bouncing up and down. I ran over to it. It was in the main river and finally after working the cat out of some brush, pulled in a 7#. Bite let up around 1 am and called it a night (morning) around 3 am. Took up the bite again at 6 am and total was 6 cats landed, 5 big fish lost due to snags. Gave the asain folks my cats and they were as happy as can be. A good trip all and all. All fish caught on DK's. None on liver. Them folks cooked some of them cats in a soup and had some sticky rice. Sat down and ate with em. I normally CPR most of my fish, but felt led to share em with these folks and glad I did. What a trip!
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    Good job Robb. Brotherhood at it's finest. Congrats on the good night of fishing also.


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    Little Brother done said it like it is.You done good all the way.I enjoyed the trip.Thanks for taking me along.peewee-williams
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    Way to go man, on the fish and the sharing. Those folks will remember you forever and it will be good memories. Makes me think of the Mexicans I used to work with, good folks and good friends. You did good friend. grizzly
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    Now that was a wonderful think ya did,I'm reppin ya for that! Always good to try and help your fellow man,proud of ya!------------pk powell:smile2:
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    Couple weeks ago I was comming back in and had about 20 pounds of keepers that I was going to clean and I met the nicest older couple, They were set up at the marina with a nice view just sitting in the shade and enjoying life. They told me about when they were younger and fished alot. When I was ready to go I just couldn't leave without ask them if they would enjoy having some fresh fish and they just lit up. I'm sure they could have bought all the fish they wanted but it gave me a warm feeling to be able to give them something they couldn't buy. I bet they had fond memories of their fresh catches as they ate my fresh catch.

    Just the simple life............
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    Good job keep up the good work
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    Good job Bro To me thats being aTRUE SPORTSMAN:0a27:
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    Thats what life is all about helping when you can, and sometimes its the little things that mean the most, and im sure it made your fishing trip even better.:smile2:
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    Great job, Robb - all the way around. Sharing your good fortune with others is what life is all about. You too, Danny!!
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    hi,everyone im a new member from fresno,ca looking for a good spot or two:wink: to fish with my three boys.i have not had much time in recent years to