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Hulah Lake

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Osage County, 15 miles NW of Bartlesville, OK
3,570 acres
Shoreline: 62 miles

Hulah Lake derives its name from the Osage word "hluah," meaning "eagle." The rolling hills of Hulah form a picturesque picnicking, camping and sightseeing area. Spring, summer or fall displays the beautiful foliage of native trees and the flowering of dogwood, redbud and wild plum.

Hulah Lake provides excellent opportunities for fishing and hunting. Fish species include largemouth bass, white bass, crappie, channel, flathead and bullhead catfish. Hulah Public Hunting Area covers 14,112 acres of land managed primarily for waterfowl. The area also provide good hunting for quail, rabbit, dove, deer and squirrel. A migratory bird refuge area of approximately 1,800 acres has also been developed.


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