Hugo lake

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  1. jetdocx

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    Headed to Hugo lake in a couple of weeks to do some fishing. Any suggestions on where to go?
  2. Okccatman

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    I can't tell you where to fish but from the reports I have seen the lake is low and there are many, repeat, many stumps at the water line. The bouy's that were marking the boat lanes are gone from what I hear as well.... Use caution if you are by boat. I also hear there are some big flatheads there and some decent crapie and blue gills in there.

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    Hugo lake was formed by daming the Kiamichi River. Before the dam was put in, the Kiamichi was somewhat a perfect place to fish. When the water stopped flowing, timber along the river and in the lake proper was flooded, making it a "heaven" for fishermen. The problem has been for years, where do you fish at. Before the river was damed, you could put in at the "Rattan" bridge, on State Highway 3 (I believe) about 7 miles East of Antlers. The river channel is pretty well defined, and if I were to fish it from a boat, I'd go as far up the river as I could get...before the water was backed up, that was about 7 miles. Probably you would need 10 to 12 miles today... but somewhere up that river, you will find a shallow area with water flowing over the rocks. Fish right below those rapids and you will probably have one of those "kodak" moments for a fishing trip. I remember one trip I caught a 16 lb flathead, several small blue and channels, and about 25 bass, each weighing about 2 1/2 to 3 lbs on a lazy ike lure. First and only time I have ever caught a fish on one of those lures. If you don't want to go up river, there is a bait stand located about 1/2 mile east of the bridge and they could probably get you situated right for cats, bass or crappie.