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I fished Monty Saturday. The wind was terrible. Fished all day for 1 small channel cat. Hung another that felt good, but lost it. Water temp was 55.3. The game warden checked me and said that nobody had any fish, even the bass fishermen were were getting shut out.

My high point for the trip was taking a 15 year-old nephew who had never been on a boat or catfished. Wished he could have hooked up with big blue. I will take him again.

Also got to try out a new Penn #9. Didn't catch anything on it, but seems smooth. I always have used ABU's in the past. One of my old 5000's (the rest are 6000 - 6500's) gave up the gost and I wanted to try a Penn. Time will tell.

Counting down to Santee - March 15 - 21!

God Bless All!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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