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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by billNpam, Nov 20, 2007.

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    OK guys I need some advice. A couple of weeks ago I posted a thread about some hunting land I recieved permission to hunt for giving some fish to a lady my brother-in-law worked with. I finally got a chance to scout this property last night and now I am more then a little pissed off. I found some awesome natural funnels, some rubs and scraps and lots of tracks. But every one of these areas some one without permission has a tree stand already hanging. The lady insured me that no one else has permission to hunt and I am the only one. They are apparrently parking on another road and walking in. I have thought I would take all there stands down and leave a note on the tree stating to retrieve there stand they needed to call me and I would return it. But this leaves me some concern for obvious reasons. Pissed off hunter with a gun really comes to mind. Call the game warden/police dept. but they will not sit there and wait until someone shows up. So any suggestions would be helpful.
  2. flathead willie

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    I'd take the stands down and give them to the game warden. Have them call him to get them back.

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    thats what i would do
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    First I would ensure the property is posted as no hunting without written permission. Second get written permission from the land owner. I would then let the game warden or sheriff know what is going on. Then take the stands down and turn them over to the game warden/sheriff. Leave a note if you want for them to call the game warden/sheriff to recover their stand.
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    Exactly right. Do it any other way and you are in for a fight. I own land and I can tell you if it's not posted, they are still wrong, but without signs up, it's very hard to prosecute for trespassing. In Tennessee anyway. Get it posted and get written permission from her for the right to hunt there exclusively. Better yet, give her a buck(dollar) and have a hunting lease drawn up. I think you can find some generic contracts for this on the internet with a search.
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    Jury rig their stands. The higher they are, they more it will hurt when they hit the ground. Tell the sheriff you used the hack saw because you were worried about what the cable, chain, rope was doing to the bark on that valuable tree and just wanted to loosen it up some.

    Or oil the steps or platform.

    Or drive nails in the platform part way and cut the heads off.

    Or if driven or screwed climbers, bend them down with a sledge hammer.

    Or leave a note on the tree telling them this area is now being used to trap with 220 Connabears.

    Or take the ladder away.

    Or smear the ladder and platform with hog manure.

    Or simply do what the other fellows have said and have less fun.
  7. Mark J

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    If it were me I would just spend this hunting season hiking me leg on trees marking my territory.
    Hunt it next year after its established.
    As for the treestands. The best way to get rid of a hunter is for his hunting to become excessively expensive.
    Those treestands now belong to the property owner.
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    I know laws vary from state to state. Here in Virginia, ALL land is considered POSTED unless you have written permission to hunt there. Hunters are required to carry written permission with them while hunting. The difference in actually putting up POSTED signs is, the fine for a first offense goes up from $500.00 to $2500.00 if signs are present. It can get tricky. I guy I know just got a trespassing ticket last Saturday. He had permission from the land owner, however, the land owner had leased the land to another man to raise cattle. They didn't have his permission to hunt so he called the warden and a ticket was issued.
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    I would get a Game Warden to come and remove the stands, if you do it your self, you could get it trouble. Let the land owner know that some one is hunting thier land, have the Game Warden post a note on the tree, lettin who ever know where they can pick up thier stands. Ask the land owner if you can post her land. Cause the way laws are now if who ever comes on her land and gets hurt, that person could sue her.
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    WOW!! i was really surprised to see a reply with information like that on the boc.... coming from a guy that has a bad back from falling from [my ladder stand ] [on my property] that some tresspasser had cut the top straps off of so it would fall backward when i climbed up i thank you for that worthless reply... :angry: SETTING SOMEONE UP TO EVEN SLIGHTLY GET INJURED IS NOT A JOKE!!
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    Bill, first & foremost you need to obtain written permission from the lady & make darn sure your own rear is covered.

    Before you do anything else, why don't you see if you can't talk to the other person who is coming in there and hunting the land? Heck, they may've had permission in the past from a previous landowner... maybe it was leased by someone previously who allowed them to hunt.... maybe they've mistaken that property for a different one. You just never know. If it were me, I'd talk to the other hunter & tell him that you are now leasing the property & give him a chance to get everything off. Best case scenario: he agrees & gets all his gear off. Worst case: he gets upset & you get the law involved. I think the best case scenario here is the best outcome, that's just my own opinion.

    If it goes sour with the other hunter, then you can always just tell him that the stands are now yours & you'll have the sheriff/warden start watching the property & write him up. If you aren't the confrontational type and you contact the game warden/sheriff first, you can still run into trouble with the guy.

    If it were me, I'd be up front with the person & want to talk to them. Whatever you do, don't sabotage another sportsman's equipment. That's the type of stuff anti-hunters would do. Hopefully ol' Postbeetle was just giving that advice in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way.:wink:
  12. catfishrus

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    north carolina
    i think your best option would be to leave them a note and tell them you are aware of there stands and for them to remove them. they will remove them and you havent made no hard feelings by leaving a note. i would not mess with the stands myself. i just heard today of a man falling from a stand and dieing. dont want that on my shoulders so i would just leave a note and i feel sure they will get there stand and get gone. they could be stands from hunters the land owner is not thinking about too and next thing you know your out of a place to hunt for taking down the wrong stand. got to be careful but i understand where you are coming from.
  13. DANZIG

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    West Virginia
    Get the Game Warden,/Sheriff.
    I know how this stuff goes, older landowner who doesn't get out much, and folks just help themselves.

    My cousin was in a similar situation a few turkey seasons ago, ran into a fellow and let him know he was over the prop line. Fellow threatened to shoot him. Cuz is a Preacher and a "turn the cheek" kind of guy so he left and called me. I am not a "turn the cheek" kind of guy but the fellow had left by the time I got there. Probably lucky for both of us.

    The moral to this story is,,, If you are not up to "accidentally" shooting someone, don't fart around, get the law after them ASAP.
  14. fishnfwl

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    South Cent
    had that problem a few years back on our property, I posted a note (and would think that the land owner would do that for you) informing them that they had 3 days to remove their stands or they would be removed at their cost, so on day 4 we removed some stands. also a trail cam set in the correct position of a stand is a good thing :wink: then you will have photo id for the DNR or Sheriff, that also works well, in your situation you either need the land owner to do it or give you permission to do so. Another thing to remember if you draw up a contract for even a thin dime, that makes YOU liable and would want lease insurance to CYA...... Get the pic on a trail cam, they will have no way of denying it. Good Luck hope you get it straightened out and bag a monster!
  15. river scum

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    we just take the stands we find on our property. if they are stupid enough to put a stand up without permition they deserve it!
  16. ratkinson

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    I really hope you were kidding.
  17. tofish

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    think i'd collect the stand or stands, leave a note and say they can get from property owner at (give directions). let owner know and then just hunt.
  18. ozzy

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    Lost Wages
    I know its temping to do something bad to anothers property but just bite your tongue for now. I was fishing last sunday and a lady of "no engish" showed up with 4 fishing rods. Nevada law is 2 pole limit and you have to buy a tag for that along with a trout stamp. I called the poaching hotline and was prompted to leave a detailed message. I did that but did not now what car she was driving so I could not make a full report. Well this morning here comes the game warden making his rounds, "second time in 4 years that I have even seen one" I thought they were a myth like bigfoot. So I wave my license i the air and proceed to tell him about the poacher. He tells me about all the things that you should do and I tell him yup done that. Thats when I pull up the pics on my cell phone and say heres the proof with witnesess's.Now maybe they will do something.
  19. bootshowl

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    Indiana, J
    Indiana requires any stand left on a site be legibly marked with the owners name, address, and telephone number where they can be reached. See what your state laws are. Here if they aren't marked, they belong to the landowner. If on public land DNR takes em if they are not marked as required. Sorry for your disappointment and aggrevation, but you are in one BIG club.
    The poor landowners are having a time of it, and I am extremely grateful to anyone who gives me permission to hunt. Indiana also puts a Private Land Permission Form, in their regs book, for you to use to help get permission and protect the landowner. It lists what you are permitted to do, has a place for any restrictions the landowner might require and is just a great idea. It's a two part ya both sign and keep your respective halves, yours giving you permission, and his holding him harmless from your accidental injury etc. But the guys that do what you're seeing wouldn't do that either....
    Be careful. As gramps would say, "Yer up against it boy."
  20. xringer3

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    I had the same problem on my hunting lease. I took the stands down, and attatched a note to them, then left the at the base of the tree. Opening morning I went to the tree after my morning hunt to see if they were still there, or if they were gone. Evidently, they had just enough education to be able to read the notes that let them know in no uncertain terms that the property they were on was clearly posted and that they were going to be arrested for tresspassing if they were caught there in the future. They even walked past a no tresspassing sight to get to the tree they hung their stand in!

    I haven't had a problem since. On the funny side though, I did sign it and left my phone number to call in case they wanted to talk. I signed it "The Grim Reaper" and the phone number was to a local funeral home! LOL