How would you guys fish this spot ?

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  1. Damian_Storm

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    i have this spot out at catarac that i have to believe has some big cats in it..there's a point that comes out and the water from the point out to about 75 yards only goes down to about 3 1/2 ft deep..go anouther 5 0r 10 feet and it's around 35 feet deep...structure is mainly a few boulders down deep and on the shallow area lots of little logs and stuff..mud and clay side of the point goes back into a nice little cove with cat tails , logs while the other side just kinda bends question is how would you guys fish this spot? i can't catch cats in lakes to save my life and i am gonna focus more on lakes this year so i would to hear some opinions...:cool:
  2. Catman

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    Randolph, Nebraska
    I have one opinion on that area if you are going to start fishing right before sundown. Use live bluegill at the 5 to ten ft. spot and leave it there. You can also use cut bait (shad) in the deeper water then if the urge to move your bait overcomes you, move the cut bait a few feet at a time.:0a26:

  3. dafin

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    Catman is right, fish the brake line with live bait. It is vary much like a spot I have fished for years.I fish a live bait under a float set at 5ft .Good luck
  4. treddinwater

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    I would agree to use a slip bobber with a live bluegill on it. I would try throwing one out in the breakline of 5-10 ft. of water and also throw one in the cove near the cattails. I have caught some nice cats fishing in about 2-4ft of water near catails with live bluegill. Tight Lines!