How would you fish this location?

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  1. Spencer_Blanton

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    Franklin, Ohio
    Fellow catfisherman,

    Attached is the best map I can make for a section of the Great Miami River in Middletown. I've fished the spot before, but I've convinced I can either do simple better or pull a giant out.

    The location is 616 yards downstream from a low dam. Two previous rail bridges, one wooden and one concrete, have been constructed and destroyed at the location. I'm having to guess on water depth based on my observations from the bank. I've got a canoe to leverage. I suspect there's someplace to land and setup near the concrete pillars.

    Where do you think I should specifically target? Would you focus on channels or flatheads? What bait and weight? What would you do? If you live near, you may be fishing it with me.



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  2. BigCatSteve

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    Huber Heights,Ohio
    Spencer it looks to me like there is a deep hole there.i would throw out a live shad or bluegill i would also throw some cutbait out and try and cover the width of the hole with bait targeting both species of cats.when you throw in the hole and you get snagged you can bet there are some flatheads in that spot.throw a threeway into the hole to avoid snagging up

  3. wolfman

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    Walter Flack
    I would fish for flatheads in the areas where the old bridges have been destroyed. All that debris on the bottom would be prime flathead cover and structure. Try using live baits such as bluegills, creek chubs on one pole and cut shad or skipjack on another. Good luck
  4. hundt

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    i agree with big cat steve but i'd try to roll the bait into the hole with a little less weight depending on the structure,and the size of the bait
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    Hey spencer i would hit that hole with ya if i had a way to get there man, im about to die from not fishing. I have tryed to edit the map a little to help ya this is just my opinion of how i would fish it.. if it has decent current i would use little weight and let it float a long the bottom of the hole in the middle. also try to get into that hole on the right about 1/5 of the way into the cove. if anyone from ohio wants to chat add me to yahoo and msn.
    Always looking for a good tourney and fishing buddie. PM me

    Keep your line tight.
    Matt Stratton~18~

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  6. Catcaller

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    The catfish will be holding behind debris and in any holes in that area for relief from the current....during the day especially. Fish weightless if at all possible and let your bait drift with the current. Keep in mind if your line is tight...your bait is rising to the top...if it's has found a behind a rock...or is in a fish's mouth. If you don't get a bite...simply tighten your line...and the bait will rise and continue downstream until it finds another hole.