How well do chicken livers work as bait ?

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by Jb1z, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Jb1z

    Jb1z New Member

    How well do chicken livers work as bait for channels ?
  2. MiseryMike

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    Blue Springs
    IMO very well, caught my biggest channels on livers two pb's in 30 mins last time i was fishing up by my gf's parents place.

  3. gamaCatsu

    gamaCatsu New Member

    livers are ridiculous, lol last time i fished with them, i was with my g/f and i couldnt even get my rod in the water, she kept pullin them in every few mins. biggest cat ive caught to date on livers was a channel @ 17lbs 13oz

    when you start cutting bait the fish get bigger, the blood that comes off the livers works very well.. sometimes ill take livers and shrimp and dip the shrimp into the livers to add that bloody smell that cats like so much.

    i would reccomend livers for a first timer, they are fun and produce fish fast
  4. daystarchis

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    Clovis Cali
    Liver tied with a piece of string on a circle:wink:
  5. lforet2002

    lforet2002 Well-Known Member

    Liver works great for channels..I wrap mine in cheesecloth..
  6. bigkane

    bigkane New Member

    Ashland, K
    I haven't used liver since I was in school, but I remember we used to slay the channel cat's all the time with 'em. We fished some back waters of the Ohio River and always caught catfish.
  7. kvillcat

    kvillcat New Member

    Kernersville, Nc
    Chicken liver is probably my favorite bait for channels. Some people have a hard time keeping it on a hook but if you get it fresh (never frozen), keep it cold, and use a sharp knife to cut it and don't try to cast a country mile it stays on just fine. And you will slay em.

  8. Magnus777

    Magnus777 New Member

    Livers are a classic cat bait! Channels really seem to love them at certain times, especially the "eatin size" ones. But it seems a catfish's diet can change from day to day, much like day livers may be a hot bait, and the next they may prefer something else. The really big ones, more often than not, will usually prefer a natural bait that might be a regular part of their diet. I tend to go the natural route, picking an assorment of baits that the catfish may be eating every day....worms, crayfish, mussels, shad....the main reason being that it's free for the taking, but also because it's always going to be on the menu.
    The thing I don't like about using livers, aside from having to buy them, is that they're very soft, and hard to keep on the hook when casting. It takes a little practice...a little get them where you want them without slinging them off. After they're in the water they'll naturally toughen up somewhat, and the only way they'll come off is if a fish takes them. Generally I find they work best when you're fishing from a boat, and you can drop them straight down. If the spot you intend to place your bait will require a longer cast, I think you're better off using a different bait.
    Still, there are ways you can compensate, and ways to toughen livers up a bit to make them a better bait. First, using a treble hook is a much better bet than a single provides more holding power. Next, you can use a piece of cheese cloth, or a piece of old panty hose to wrap around the liver, and onto the hook...this works very well! You can put your livers in a strong brine solution(salt water), or pack them in salt, and let them soak for a couple of days in the refrigerator...this will toughen them up, also you can use garlic salt. Another method you can use is to chop them up with a blender, maybe mixing in a bit of garlic, then mix the "soup" with enough flower to make your own dough bait! One important tip when using a blender...wait until your wife is gone running errands before you start chopping liver....then WASH it GOOOoood before she gets home!!! :wink: Here's another some chicken gizzards along with the livers! They're much tougher, so you can use a single hook. What you do is mix them with the livers, and let them set for a few days to soak up the juices. This works really well! One last thing you can try if you're set on using livers for bait is to switch to beef's tougher than chicken.
    I hope these tips may be of some use to you. Bottom line, chicken livers have been, and will always be a top catfish bait! You pretty much can't go wrong buying some fresh livers for your next fishing trip as long as you understand their limitations. Up your odds of a limit catch by taking along one or two other baits as well, just in case the kitties are being finicky. Good fishing! :big_smile:
  9. brinley45cal

    brinley45cal Active Member

    liver is awsome.I cure mine so it stays on the hook without having to tie it or wrap it in anything.

    SGTREDNECK New Member

    Livers work really well for channel and blues also. I fish them in calm water in the summer time and will catch a bunch of eater fish. Sometimes i wrap them with thread, sometimes i dont. If you want to cast them a far distance try wrapping them in panty hose. Good luck out there.
  11. PaCatfishHunter

    PaCatfishHunter New Member

    Greensburg, PA
    Liver works great. I don't use it as much as I use to but when I do I usually catch a ton. I don't catch big ones with liver like you will with other baits but you will catch a good number of them.
  12. 89Ricky89

    89Ricky89 New Member

    Chicken liver works great in lakes and slow moving rivers. I find it difficult to keep on in faster rivers, even with thread. I also find that chicken is far better than beef, and turkey is the worst.
  13. cantstopgrandma

    cantstopgrandma New Member

    I've always had good luck with chicken livers. Last week i tried something different with them.... I used treble hooks (thanks BOC brothers for the idea). Tie a heavy duty snap swivel on, push the treble hook up thru the liver, and snap it on the line. The three hooks cradle the livers, and the shaft running thru the middle helps too. I was able to cast pretty good distances, and i even had a few times where i got two or three nibbles before i had to rebait. I had a lot less lost fish too, you know, the ones where you get them halfway to the boat and they get off :angry:. I was catching fish of all sizes. Smaller than i keep (14" is my limit), and ones that are pretty good size for here (21" +)
  14. lendog

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    berks, PA
    chicken livers work very well, another bait that worked great for channel cats was blue fish, blue fish from any seafood store has alot of scent and is real oily, and it's also pretty cheap, i think even walllyworld has it in their seafood dept. :wink:
  15. CatHunterSteve

    CatHunterSteve New Member

    Snowville, Va
    Chicken livers do work well another trick if you run out of something to keep them on the hook with....a latern mantel will work in a pinch, a little expensive but they work good keeping the liver on the hook!
  16. catma

    catma New Member

    i find thay work best in ponds or creeks were the blood off them can kinda linger but thay can be very effective in the right place in fast current i recomend crushed chubs for channels hope this helps good luck
  17. kitsinni

    kitsinni New Member

    Before I started to target the bigger blues and flats chicken livers were almost all I ever used.
  18. mactheaxe

    mactheaxe New Member

    cartersville, georgia
    livers are what i swear by when i want some fried catfish that night. when i aint lookin for the big ones, its perfect for the eaters. just remember all that was said here, treble hooks, smooth, easy cast, and one thing i didnt see on here that i do. dont just use the globs of the livers. take advantage of the tendons runnin through it. they help hold it on when casting and gettin a bite.