How was your year?

Discussion in 'LOCAL NEBRASKA TALK' started by playin4funami, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. playin4funami

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    Saronville Ne.
    Well open water catfishing started out decent this year and went quickly downhill from there,I'm not done yet but am losing hope for anymore good fishing before ice up as the water is getting cold,but you never know. I can't remember a year of catfishing when I've had as many skunkings as this one,big fish were scarce,and even the smaller fish didn't cooperate that well. I did spend alot more time targeting big fish which probably contributed to at least a few good skunkings. I did hook a couple monster flats this year but failed to do more than get a glimpse of them before they spit the hook. One would have easily been a new state record,if not a world record,I've been around some big fish before but this one dwarfed them,it was lost at the bank:sad2:. That incident has kept the faith flowing that there are bigger,tougher fish out there. just getting lucky enough to get a decent strike has not been in my cards this year. Next year I'll have to hit it twice as hard during prime big cat season,and maybe take a couple fishing trips where I'm not after record breakers to kind of keep up the spirits some.

    How was you year?
  2. flathead_hunter

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    nebraska city
    the fishing on the river sucked this year.... i think most of it had something to do with the weather... 2 blues 10 lbs each??? thats not ever good.... most the fish i caught this year averaged around the 5 lb mark.. i just hope its better next year... might have some new holes now since they have been working on dikes... just didn't really know where to find the big fish this year:cry:.... god i hope next year is better:cross:

  3. fmb

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    not very good......I blame it on the weather as well.....and the bad luck stringer :smile2: all though this is the 1st year I have gotton more flatheads than channels so that makes it worth it....
  4. mintaka

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    Charlotte , N.C
    All in all , it has been wonderful so far. It began on a sour note being laid off , but I rebounded with a career move that led to much higher pay. As far as fishing , this year has yielded my first blue and hopefully it was the first of many. I've been to several new spots and tried old spots that I had pretty much written off. Kinda looking forward to cooler weather , but when I went for lunch an hour ago , the freezing temps made me reconsider that assumption. Hopefully , I'll get a nice new warm coat that will render me impermable by the extremes. I'd also like to catch one of those winter blues that get upwards of 40 - 50 pounds.
  5. SouthGADan

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    Lyons, GA
    Well, I'd say my year was pretty great. I hadn't fished in years and re-discovered the joy of fishing. I also found out how much I love cat fishing, and found the BOC. Haven't caught any big ones this year, but I've had lots of fun. :big_smile:
  6. catman-j

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    Eastern Nebr
    My fishing year started slow and frustrating. Got pretty good by mid summer though once the channel cats started biting at Summit lake I was pretty happy. Did a lot of fishing at Lake of the Ozarks with poor success. Finally got a different boat that is good for down there and the lakes up here too. Got it set up just the way I want it just in time to put it away for the winter. I will be chomping at the bit for spring to get here but I don't know what the future holds. My dad moved to the Lake of the Ozarks area last summer and was diagnosed this summer with stage 3 lung cancer. If he doesn't make it I don't know how much I'll be going down there in the future.
  7. flatheadslayer

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    Thomaston, Geor
    jeff i'll be praying for your father,and sorry to here that.just make good of the time you have with year was good just did'nt get to go much at all this year,money was too tight.but everytime i went i caught good flats,except for one time then the channels were tearing my live bream up.all in all a descent year.:cool2:
  8. skawez

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    Hickman, Ne
    this was the first year in a long time i got to fish as much as id like and tho there were more misses and no hit nights then anything else... i PBd on flathead and blue and the boy PBd on the channel my cousin got the catfishin bug and wont stop the kids tho most the time would rather play then fish have had a great time and the little woman complained she didnt get to go too as much as she wanted.. all things considered we had a GREAT YEAR!!
  9. stu stinkbait

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    This is the first year I've fished for catfish since I was in highschool. I've always bass fished before. Early Sept. I had a hard time catching bass and the bait shop always said cats were biting on Sonnies. I fished Summit Lake 6 times in Sept., got skunked once but caught 9 cats between 5 and 11 lbs and several smaller ones. I'm hooked on catfishing now. It's been a great year!